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About me

Hi I'm Chris I have been playing DND for a few years now and I have a GM for about 3 years now I have run games for friends but where most of my experience comes from is the games I run at my local game shop. The Games I run at my local shop are learn to plays for kids and adults and I have been helping people find their way in the game for about just over a year now with people moving on to their own campaigns or sticking with the ones I run. I am friendly, patient and everyone is welcome at my table. I have no issue in helping people create characters or listen to any requests. I play my games as more an open world experience and the world you will be playing in will be a homebrew world with elements of DND books incorporated in. My main goal is for everyone to have fun and I like a good mix of both role play and combat. If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. The only day I will not be able to play games are Sundays.

GM style

I'm no voice actor but doesn't stop me from trying, as I said before my games are open world games so I react to the players plans and actions. As I said before you're free to do what you wish within reason and as long as everyone at the table is comfortable with it. I enjoy creating a mix of both combat and roleplay scenarios. For online games I mainly use a mix of Roll20,discord and dndbeyond with the beyond20 extension for chrome. All of which are free and I can share any content I have for them with you.

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