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About me

I love Dungeons and Dragons. When I was too small to play, I would crouch in a darkened stairwell and eavesdrop on a game the teenagers would play - truly secret magiks and forbidden lore! Eventually, I learned the rules and began the lifelong journey of telling stories with my friends - each more engaging and emotional than the last. I never lost the near-mystical reverence and wonder that was born in that darkened stairwell. Then Covid happened and we were all locked in our houses. I picked up my books and launched an online game, and we escaped to those old lands that we had trod all those years before. Then I launched another, and another. And with each, new friendships and a glittering hoard of memories. Join me, and I'll show you some of these places. It's dangerous, and the trail is well-hidden, but if you are like me, the discovery draws you on.

GM style

I love when the elements of a game synergize. I love games with heart. I feel that too much of any element will spoil a game, and I am careful with my story and situations to try to maintain this balance. The most successful games that I have been lucky enough to run have had widely varying play-styles from player to player, and with my help, each of their unique takes on the game made something more than the sum of its parts. I run pretty close to rules as written, and my games run the gamut, from large-scale, tactical combat, to player driven, improvised roleplay. Creative solutions and outside-the-box thinking are not only tolerated, but enthusiastically encouraged. By consequence, the events and outcome of even the pre-published adventures that I run can vary widely from group to group. I consider D&D to be a cooperative game for both the players and the DM, but I consider it equally important to present the challenges fairly and evenly from the perspective of NPCs and monsters. I do most of my rolling in the open, so you can be sure that the result of your choices is interpreted accurately, and not just by whim. This also means that character death and total party kills are definitely possible.

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