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About me

Welcome, welcome! Here lies ahead a treacherous land called roleplaying! Be it Call of Cthulhu, The witcher, Vampire the masquerade, my own roleplaying game or multitude of others, I will do my best to draw you in during roleplay. I have been a GM for more than ten years now, beginning with simple custom roleplaying game, then trying a multitude of different system like savage world, star wars d6, Game of thrones, the witcher, etc... I am used to being very flexible on the system. Furthermore, I have always been drawn by the fantasy gendra since little, dabbling in writing, doing historical european martial arts, Larp, etc... And as being a GM requires also a lot of different skills, I am also now proficient in drawing if you want to immortalize a scene or a character of a campagn! My main system of predilection are Cthulhu, The witcher and Games of thrones. Sorry to disappoint but no Dnd or pathfinder with me lads!

GM style

My games are all about roleplay. Combat will be present but it is not rare to have a session or two with only roleplaying. My goal is to immerse you in a world with it's beauty and horrors and make your character a part of this universe. Dramatic scenes, Politicking, friendly banter in party, everything is done so you have an impact on the world and i hope, the world has an impact on you by making your day brighter. When combat occurs, it is for a reason, be it by choice of the players or due to a plot important conflict. My objective is to never make combat mandatory, there will be always a way out of a situation other than combat as I don't want to impose any type of play onto the party.

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