Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Vault of Loomen - A challenge for higher lever characters

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Google Hangouts

A tower has appeared in the realm of Loomin. It appeared 150 years ago in the middle of the city overnight, and no one has ever conquered or claimed it, despite the rumors of a mighty treasure housed within. The tower ...

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How to prepare

A computer microphone if required. Webcams are welcome but optional, the DM will use a web cam. This Adventure can be run both via Google Hangouts as a theater-of-the-mind experience, or on Roll20, as a more traditional Virtual Table Top game. If players select a Roll20 experience, they should create a free account (if needed) before hand and ideally familiarize themselves with the basics tutorial available on the website. The GM will invite them to the game no later than 15 minutes before the session start time. Roll20 does have a built in video/audio chat system. An optional Plug-in for the Chrome Browser called "Beyond20" can also be helpful. It is recommended that players inform the GM of the details of their characters at least 2 hours before beginning the session.

What I provide

Players will be provided with a .PNG file that they can use as token for their character after the game, if they wish to use the characters again on a VTT platform.

What else should you know

This one-shot is designed to allow players to experience and explore higher level character options.

Gameplay Details

This one shot is all about conquering the Vault and gaining the rumored treasures within. There are physical challenges, dangerous creatures, and mental exercises. It provides opportunities to test higher level character options.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players should make a level 15 character using the Point-Buy option. Players can do this easily on If the session is booked on Roll20, players should familiarize themselves with that website before the session begins. Please only official D&D Content, and no Centaurs, Satyrs, or Yuant-ti. Characters may select 1 Rare magical item, 3 Uncommon magical items, and 3 basic healing potions.

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