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About me

Writer, Actor, Full Time DM for 5 years. Come join me in my homebrew world for adventure, excitement and roleplay! Experience my hundreds of miniatures, cavalcade of dwarven forge terrain and all of my homemade scenery, hand drawn maps and more! Weave your character's identity into the very fabric of this worlds history and help tell the story within you!

GM style

My games are hand tailored for the players in each specific group! Im capable of producing many different character voices ranging from stern and serious, to absurd and ridiculous, and everywhere in between. My games are typically a healthy balance of role playing, combat and exploration. These games include everything from tactical boss battles, high stakes political intrigue, mystery, romance, and more. I like creating unique quests such as heists, races, escorts, contracts and almost all of them come with a twist. I love designing handmade props, letters, clues, enemy models, map boards and terrain that are one of a kind!

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