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About me

Hosted podcasts, won a D&D tournament, and GM'd hundreds of sessions using dozens of different systems. But so what? Yes, I create interesting adventures, talk in funny voices, and orchestrate cinematic fight scenes, but you breath life into it by joining my games. The most interesting story centers on your character, not my NPCs, the monsters you're killing, nor some plot object you're trying to find. Creating universes that are interesting and believable is my passion, but it's all just a backdrop for your adventures!

GM style

Expect equal amounts of roleplaying, exploration, and combat. Animation, blockbuster movies, and real world history are three of my inspirations. When I learn what inspires you, we'll lean into it. Your time is valuable and I respect that. Every player gets heard and every PC has a turn in the spotlight. Tone and genre vary, but there's plenty of fantasy, melodrama, and cinematic action. There's always laughter, too! Over 150 players have left me good reviews on StartPlaying so far. My games are easy to join and don't require DND Beyond, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, or anything except Discord. When battle starts, I send you a link and an Owlbear Rodeo map will pop up in your browser. It's super easy and there's nothing to install. Don't understand the basics of the game? Then learn as you play! My sessions are welcoming, LGBTQ+ positive, special needs inclusive, anti-racist, and respectful of religious and non-religious people. G-rated and other customized games available on request. If you're a team player, there's room for you at my table. Please HMU on Discord (thenorker).


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