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The local Folk Heroes have been summoned to answer a dire call for help at the Great Library owned by a great and powerful wizard, Nah'Nimo. Create a Level 5 character with no limitations on race or class except for the ...

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How to prepare

Prepare yourself to possibly play with someone is not as familiar with the game as you. All of my games will be entirely inclusive for people who are learning the line between role-playing, roll-playing, the general rules and dynamic of the game. Come with patience and a general excitement to play your character and we'll have a great adventure. If Discord is not already installed, I recommend installing it but you can also access it through your Browser (audio/video quality may suffer a little bit, but it will be OK). Make a account if you have not already.

What I provide

I will be providing maps, sound effects and music! If you have or found art that suits your character, I will make your Roll20 token so you always know where your character is on the map.

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How Will Character Creation Work

Create a Level 5 character with a Folk Hero background. You can create your character however you wish. If it's your first time playing, I highly recommend using DnDBeyond, but I first learned how to create a character on the DnD 5e App for Apple/iOS (it's the one with the green D20 as the icon).

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