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You want to start but not sure how? Welcome at my (digital) table! We'll discuss your Character and set out on our first adventure to master some basics of the game, using Ability Checks/'Skills, Attacks, Spells and more...

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How to prepare

Think about what kind of adventurer you'd like to be. Will you be a handsome knight or a scoundrel? Maybe a pirate or a mage wielding magical powers?

What I provide

I can bring along whatever is neccessary for your players and the adventure.

What else should you know

Questions beforehand are always welcome.

Gameplay Details

For this adventuring, the focus will lie on you getting to know the game and getting to know your preferences if it comes to your playstyle and what you would like in the future. We'll also see if you like roleplaying or need some help getting into it.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters can be level 1 to level 3, depending on the wishes and experience of the players.

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