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Have you wanted to play in a High Fantasy campaign yourself that is connected to the worlds of Saved by the Spell II: Game of Saving Throws or Saved by the Spell III: Tormund's Quest!? Now is your opportunity to begin a ...

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How to prepare

1. Have a discord account created and inside my server 2. Create a Roll20 FREE account and have it ready to accept the game invite. 3. Have a functional MIC, Camera is optional 4. Your D&D Beyond Character created A general understanding of the rules for 5th Edition D&D is helpful, but not required. Characters will be created in DnD Beyond through the captain's Content Sharing account. A full Session Zero and backstory will be provided for all characters to get you into the setting.

What I provide

I provide, Music, the Virtual Table Top, Module, Homebrew, D&D Beyond Access, and Tavern Class Storytelling!

What else should you know

Come to the table with a positive attitude and prepared to interact and get out of your comfort zone. Role-playing is all about giving and setting up your fellow players to shine in moments of glory. The spotlight is big enough for everyone. Be kind & considerate, but most of all be ready to create the memories of fantasy that you will cherish for a life time.

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