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40 years
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2 years
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About me

I taught myself to play D&D from the original box set in 1978 and I have run and played in thousands of RPGs sessions since. I have performed in, directed, and produced many stage shows, some using the "pick your own adventure" format, other shows using fantasy role playing game components with audience volunteers, and I am a proud member of the Firebreathing Kittens Podcast. I am an award winning storyteller, travelling Improvisor, actor, director, producer, coach, teacher, father of three, and 13 year veteran Sunday School Teacher. I am a very nice guy who loves role playing games, teaching, and helping others have a great time. I am a retired Project Management Professional and former US Army Infantry soldier who does not long endure people who do not do what they say. I have a love for smart, energetic nerds, glee filled geeks, and stories, comedic and dramatic. When not locked in my home, I can be found playing competitive Ultimate and training for triathlons. My perfect day involves playing Ultimate, running an RPG, and being on a stage performing.

GM style

"Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. And never let the rules disrupt having fun." I love role playing big characters with entertaining voices that engage players in fantastic stories rooted in mundane events. I am always up to make it more fun for you individually, but not at the expense of the party or the story. I love improvising and playing off other characters. Crunchy tactical combat is for dragons and generals and I can play those characters too. I love ethical dilemmas that challenge the players and pit their character's ideals, often one against the other, as they try to do the right thing. "Some families raise their children to die for an ideal, a faith, or a cause in glorious battle against their sworn enemies. But not all families." If you ever want me to talk nonstop for hours, ask me how amazing my friends are!


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