Monster of the Week | Monster of the Week - Blockage at the Dinni Dam

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A One-Shot Mystery Monster game where something horrifying is affecting the Town of Dinni and only YOU and your crack team of Investigators can hope to help the town from whatever malicious evil is resting there. -The ...

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How to prepare

Look through the Character Sheets and think of who you'd like to be, how they sound, how they act. Look up the rules to Monster of the Week ; though I will cover them prior to play.

What I provide

-Character Sheets -Rule Book -Atmosphere and Visual delights! (Maps, graphics, music,etc)

What else should you know

Never be afraid to ask a question or pitch a thought~!

Gameplay Details

Monster of the Week is based on the PbtA system (Powered by the apocalypses System) which means all dice rolls are made with 2 Six-sided dice. Characters have special skills and abilities that not only help them solve problems but alter the narrative, scenes and people around them in fun and exciting ways~! Players can expect.. -Sleuthing -Clues, interigation and Misinformation - Helpful and Hindering NPCS -And a Main Monster to defeat~! If you can... Fighting is done without general turns, so discussion is key and any foes you face will simply react to what you do. *A session would be held on 'Roll20' or 'Discord' with invites sent out closer to the date of the session. * Start with brief introductions of ourselves AND characters, discussing how each of you relate to one another, rivals, lovers? * Then gameplay would commence and as we wind down to an end we would maybe discuss how it went. I would LOVE critique, suggestions, reviews, anything you guys thought about the experience to improve and play again~! :)

How Will Character Creation Work

* Characters made prior preferred! I would send each player a link to a PDF of the MoW Character Sheets a few days prior to the session then we would transfer to Roll20 / or Fill in PDF for Discord. (Roll20 has MoW built in character sheets for easy creation)

Players can expect







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