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Eric VanSingel
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About me

Hello there thanks for considering me to GM your game! I am Eric, and I love tabletop role-playing games! (TTRPGs) I cut my teeth on fantasy RPGs when I was a wee lad along with a touch of D&D 2e, about the time Spelljammer came out. I took a bit of a break as life happens, but when DnD 5e came out, I was hooked firmly in the grasp and haven't looked back. Since then I have found many other systems to fall in love with. I have a passion for "Dungeons and Dragons" and Cypher Systems games like "Numenera" and "The Strange." It is the opportunity of a lifetime to share my love for the games that have brought me so much joy. Enough about me! Play, tell me what you would do, and share a story with us!

GM style

Players will hear, "What are you doing?" A lot. 🗣️Roleplay - expect a good helping of roleplaying at my tables. Players can expect an immersive, reactive world where they can interact with NPCs and other player characters.I am perfectly fine going an entire session (or more) with RP encounters and experiences alone. ⚔️Combat: Don't worry, barbarians; I have action covered. You can expect combat to matter, challenging encounters that ride the razor's edge of life and death. Enemies aren't always a sack of hit points, often the environment is just as challenging as your foe! 🧭Exploration: Expect a mix of skill challenges, hex crawls, and more expedient methods of travel for a varied and interactive way to explore the world. TABLE CULTURE 🤝🏾A culture of teamwork and cooperative play. 👿PVP and disruptive play is not allowed. 🆕Helpful and encouraging for new players and veterans alike. 🦺A safe environment to play with a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment. 🙌🏻Attitude > Experience. 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ Friendly TECH + RESOURCES 🎵Curated music and ambiance. 🗺️Official assets and custom maps - many handmade for you! 👽Custom monsters! 🏴‍☠️All the Kobold Press Content for 5e 🎲Premium Roll20 with Shared Compendium 🐉Premium DnD Beyond with Sharing of all official content 🛃Custom and official material from official and 3rd Party creators ⛔DM Eric V does NOT use generative art or text using AI GM STYLE 📣Expect a DM that is your biggest fan! 🥷🏽Fights matter, combat is challenging but not impossible 📖Great storytelling. 🧔🏽Interesting NPCs in a breathing world. 🏫Experienced DM with mastery-level knowledge of the rules. 🔦Everyone has a chance to shine. 🙋🏻‍♀️Choices matter; the world reacts to players' actions PERKS 🎯Community one shots 🤩Guest Star Program 💰Multi-Table Discounts Players will hear, "What are you doing?" A lot.


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