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Eric VanSingel
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Highly rated for: Creativity, Inclusive, Storytelling

About me

Hello there thanks for considering me to GM our game! I am Eric (He/They), and I love Dungeons and Dragons! I grew up a big fan of Fantasy, and Space-Fantasy genres in literature and games, and have never let go. Sure I took some time off from gaming but about the time 5e was released I was hooked right back in. I absolutely love a variety of tabletop games -- you will see that bleed through when you come play, be it "Dungeons and Dragons" or Cypher Systems games like "Numenera" and "The Strange." I am very passionate about having a space where anyone who wants to play that has a good attitude can do so safely. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to share my love for these games with you all. Enough about me! Play, tell me what you would do, and share a story with us!

GM style

We play games that emphasize emergent play - the kind of stuff that comes up when everyone "plays to find out" what happens next. I am prepared to be flexible and roll with whatever the players throw at me with great improv chops, and I serve up curated interactions that are thought out and designed to provide you with a fun challenging experience. I create an environment that emphasizes roleplaying AND combat, and building friendships at the table. My primary focus is to create the space for you to be yourself and have a great time. I find that the folks who have the best time are looking for an experience that values roleplay, but allows them to flex their character sheets and think tactically in combat as well. I leverage my years of experience doing this full time to get you to your new favorite night of the week - game night! TABLE CULTURE 🤝🏾A culture of teamwork and cooperative play. 👿PVP and disruptive play is not allowed. 🆕Helpful and encouraging for new players and veterans alike. 🦺A safe environment to play with a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment of any kind. 🙌🏻Attitude > Experience. 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ environment 🖤🩶💜GM TECH + RESOURCES 🎵Curated music and ambiance. 🗺️Official assets and custom maps - many handmade for you! 🔥Killer foundry set up, just enough tweaks to make things smooth. 👽Custom monsters! 🏴‍☠️All the Kobold Press Content for 5e 🐉Premium DnD Beyond with Sharing of all official content 🛃Custom and official material from official and 3rd Party creators ⛔DM Eric V does NOT use generative art or text using AI GM STYLE 📣Expect a DM that is your biggest fan! 🥷🏽Fights matter, combat is challenging but not impossible 📖Great storytelling. 🧔🏽Interesting NPCs in a breathing world. 🏫Experienced DM with mastery-level knowledge of the rules. 🔦Everyone has a chance to shine. 🙋🏻‍♀️Choices matter; the world reacts to players' actions PERKS 🎯Community hang outs and one shots 🤩Guest Star Program 🖤Thriving discord community 💟Invite to in person meetup (aka Eric-Con) every October ***Some common questions I get about the table vibe*** I am a new player or not familiar with this setting, is it cool if I join? YES! I value the opportunity to introduce folks to the hobby and have a welcoming environment for new players and veterans alike. As far as setting goes- most of the info that's important is learned in character and in game, and there isn't anything so sacred to the lore that we can't make adjustments for as needed. Is this more roleplay or combat? I would love to say 50/50 for each game, but that's simply not possible in an open ended player driven format. It is certainly my aim to value both through the entire campaign but there may be sessions where we exclusively fight, or go stretches investigating, exploring and interacting with the world. It evens out in the long run. Can I play an evil/selfish/lone-wolf character? No. Those archetypes are great for video games or solo type formats, but this is a cooperative game. Personality options are pretty wide open but you should be bringing something in that plays well with others and has reason to work with a group. Can I be a power-gamer type character? Sure, if you can roleplay them well and you aren't here to poke at the mechanics just for kicks and exploits. It's ok to make a character that is good at what they do, but you aren't likely to have a good time if that's all you want to do. It's far more fun to ask yourself how to "Make a character that is fun for me, but also fun to play with for others." and "How does my character serve the story and how is this going to complement that party I am playing with?" Do you use safety tools? Yes. We can get into some heavy stuff talking about feelings in character so having levers to pull to make sure everyone is comfortable is a critical component to great shared storytelling. Can I listen in on a game to make sure it is right for me? Do you allow observers? No. Our space is reserved for folks who have signed up for the game and have taken the appropriate onboarding to ensure a safe environment. If you have read this far note that I don't advertise it but your first session with me is at zero cost (I do not charge for your first game). I do this so we can both vibe check and make sure its a good fit. I'm signing up a few hours before the game starts. Can I play today/tonight? If we are just starting with session 0, sure! If a game is in progress, probably not. I can get you introduced to the team but I do like to onboard and take the time needed to get everything in order for you to have a great experience. How long does this campaign last? I run a variety of campaigns so this varies. I don't have a strict session count in mind but I either host introductory games that last 15 sessions or less or long form campaigns that can go 60-90 sessions, sometimes more. I've had bad experiences before with games that fizzle out and don't finish. Can you assure me this won't happen? When I make a game, I intend to run it to its satisfying conclusion and its very rare for me to initiate a week off outside of holidays or special circumstances. There are variables that are simply out of my control and a few schedule monsters have eaten a small sample of games over the years, but I have had far more complete in a satisfying way than not, by a very large margin. You can count on me to be consistent. I've had bad experiences playing with "that guy™️", players who create problems and conflict. What do you do to keep that from happening? I don't tolerate problematic play, full stop. Occasionally we get players who aren't a good fit for the table or have personality clashes. Generally, I find either folks dig what we do or don't, and for the latter I handle on a case by case basis. My goal is always to value safety, and protect table vibe at all costs. My tables aren't for everybody, and that's ok. Do you host special events like parties and team building? YES. Message me for details. Your games seem kind of expensive? My pricing is as follows: VIP Exclusive public campaigns max 4 players 45 per player Premium campaign 5 player max 35 per player Standard campaign 6 player max 29.15 per player My goal isn't to provide the lowest possible price- it's to provide the best possible value, and I offer pricing based on initial max player count so players can the experience right for each individual.


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