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About me

PREMIUM EXPERIENCES, FRIENDSHIP & ALL BELLS AND WHISTLES - RELIABLY DELIVERED! This is what you receive when you share one of my tables. I am a 30+ year facilitator of RPG games and public play events (including conventions), with over 30 production credits both written and streaming for Wizards of the Coast, DMs Guild, Grim and Perilous Games, and more. I promise top quality experiences delivered completely and safely with accents, sound effects, vibrant description, and even cosplay. Learn more about me: Plus, I dig coffee quite a bit. I need it. I provide mental health services to youth and families in a public school, so while I predominantly run games for adults, I am very comfortable switching gears to run for kids and families. The skills required to share the game with kids are a little different, and I'm happy to introduce your family to the world of gaming. Experiences I Offer? * Long-term campaigns * One-shot adventures I have published (or am looking to publish with your help) * Company events * Child and adult birthday parties * Celebrations and special events * Gaming learn-to-plays Why Gaming? I enjoy the creativity of this hobby. The shared stories of triumph over adversity build powerful bonds between players. Many of my friends today I made around a gaming table or at gaming events. The connectness this hobby creates is good for the soul, even offering healing. Why Hire Me? Every gamemaster on this site is unique. I bring my own set of skills to the table that make me a great pick for the right group. * I am a mental health therapist. The skills that make you a good therapist - communication, listening, understanding, collaboration, empathy - make you an amazing Gamemaster. A lot of my real world work is with kids and families, and I enjoy running games specifically for children and families. * This Master Ain't Sitting on a Mountain. I ran thousands of games (well over 10,000 hours of playtime) and contributed much to the industry, resulting in better player experiences. I am proud of my experience, but I remain a normal and approachable guy. * No Holds Barred Gaming. You will feel like Batman because you will have all the cool toys. I share Zoom Pro, Syrinscape soundboard, Roll20 virtual tabletop (when requested), and online play resources (such as a complete D&D Beyond library, or through Google Drive). For D&D, we will use high production value versions by Beadle and Grimm's when available. Depending on the campaign, I even mail cool swag for players to keep as mementos! Kind & Safe Spaces My charity and advocacy work is well respected in the gaming community. I founded D8 Summit Charities, a 501c3 charity connecting gamer donors to local causes. I speak often about the homeless and the hungry, and the difficulties marginalized voices in our society face. Many games I run are explicitly for D8 Summit Charities and other worthy causes. I create specialized safe spaces for minority gamers, children, the neurodiverse, and gaymers. I may offer a discount for marginalized players upon request.

GM style

My games put story, fun, and shared experiences first - curating the experience to the tastes of your group. Rules are there so long as they add to a good time, help tell the story, and promote relative balance between players. I bring a lot of energy and pull out all the stops for players (including investing a lot of money back into the games I run). My stories highlight roleplaying and exploration. I use character accents and create unique and believeable NPCs. Goofy and sometimes good(?) cosplay makes an appearance at times. There is almost always a non combat option available at our table, but when combat happens it is often as narrative and brutal as you might expect. I love horror and kaiju films, so you will see influence of the greats in those genres in our tales. All of my games begin with a "Mind Space" check, to ensure we are in the right frame of mind for fun. All of my campaigns begin with a Session 0 including discussion on safety tools and healthy gaming. Providing a good game is synonymous with communication and caring.


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