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Hail and well met! I have been having immense fun streaming the module Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus on Twitch, and I'm looking forward to applying all I've learned to another run of this excellent campaign. The m...

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Come to the session zero with a few character ideas. We will discuss classes/party balance as a group. Once you've made your choice, please try to be familiar with your class/racial abilities before session one. I highly recommend that you create a D&D Beyond account to help you manage your character. It can be connected to Roll20 via the Beyond20 browser extension. All applications are free of charge. We will be holding our game over Zoom, but a video feed is not required. If you wish to use video, please make sure you can be decently lit. A good microphone/headset is a plus.

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D&D Beyond Digital Sourcebooks

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We will discuss character creation at our session zero, which will be scheduled as soon as we have the minimum number of players signed up.

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