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Empire of the Ghouls is an exciting campaign going from level 1 - 13. It was produced by Kobold Press as part of their Midgard system, a world based loosely off of European myth and physical geography. Dark Motives & D...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Characters will need to create their own characters using regular options or MIdgard options. The DM will send a link to roll 20 which the players will use to sign up on roll 20. The DM will also send a discord link, so the players will have to be signed up for roll 20 and discord.

What I provide

I will send maps of the world of Midgard and some of the cities the places they visit.

What else should you know

Gameplay Details

There will be combat, but also lots of opportunity for role play if the players choose. Advancement will be thru milestones. The players will be travelling to solve the mystery and interrupt the evil plot, so there will be outdoor encounters as well as the main plot. The story is very well developed but there is lots of room for innovation.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will create their own characters using the standard array or point buy. The DM will contact the players so that they can ask questions about character creation. Special Midgard races and class features will be available. The DM will create character sheets in roll 20 once the players have signed up on roll 20, but players are not required to use all of the roll 20 features.

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