Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Desratin: A land broken by war

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I balance myself between role-play and combat, but lean where the session 0 shows the players are leaning towards. I do ot disregard one or the other however, even if the players would like to so keep that in mind. Three...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

have a players handbook (physical or virtual) and something for whatever you need for your character (race, class, etc) be it Xanathar's or an approved home-brew book/PDF.

What I provide

I bring the world and NPC's, and the theater of the mind to play.

What else should you know

The starting town is Hoselna, a Halfling and Dwarven town. The silver mines to the south are gigantic, and the fall of gold has caused silver to become the new standard. Only races I need prior asking about are Aarakocra, Changling, Kalashtar, Loxodon, Shifter. The only forbidden races are Triton, Vadalken, and Yuan-Ti Pureblood

Gameplay Details

Each session is what the players decide to do for themselves within the world. Paths may be offered but are rarely, if ever, mandatory.

How Will Character Creation Work

Come up with a level 1 character before session 0 and fill out everything except ability scores; then we will have session 0.

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