Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Dark Sun 5e - Dark Days of Tyr

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds

A classic Dark Sun campaign set in Tyr while the Sorcerer-King Kalak rules. A thousand years of stagnation has led to this moment. The Brown Age turns to the Age of Heroes due to the actions of a group of uncommon Athasi...

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How to prepare

Knowledge of Dark Sun setting is helpful, but not required. You'll need the Demo version of Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord for video and voice.

What I provide

Over 30 years of experience with Dark Sun, a full Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license and 5 years of experience using it, thousands of maps, images and tokens to set the mood.

What else should you know

Get ready to experience the world of Athas.

Gameplay Details

This is similar to a "west marches" style game. That is to say players choose the direction of the sessions based on rumors and information they get during game play. Players choose what objectives to overcome.

How Will Character Creation Work

Custom 5e Dark Sun rules available once you join the discord server and can join the Fantasy Grounds character creation sessions.

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