This week of April 17-23 was a big one for the many realms of the tabletop RPG universe. New systems are on the way, expansions to popular worlds were announced, and the future of the biggest game became a little clearer. And StartPlaying is here to guide you through it all in five minutes or less! 

Critical Role’s In-House Team Is Working On Two Brand New Systems 

Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton headed up the very first State of the Press, an announcement of new games straight from Critical Role’s Darrington Press. The most impactful announcement was also the least detailed–Darrington is working on an RPG system designed for “long-term campaign play and character progression” called Daggerheart. Fans are already speculating whether Daggerheart will replace Dungeons & Dragons as the main Critical Role game. 

The other announced system is Illuminated Worlds, a d6 dice pool system created with shorter campaigns in mind. It is said to be malleable enough to work with any kind of setting. The final game is a deckbuilder that is on the way soon enough to have a pre-order listing and box art. Called Queen by Midnight, it puts players in the role of princesses caught in a battle royale to determine who will be queen. 

Chris Perkins Shines Light On The 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide Revision

D&D lead Chris Perkins sat down for a 24-minute video about planned changes to the Dungeon Master’s Guide. As explained at the recent Creator Summit, 2024’s books will be an update to 5E and not a new edition. The DMG revision is part of this process, with Perkins emphasizing the need for a better-organized guide that shows new DMs the ropes. 

The 2024 DMG will include chapters on the basics of D&D, rules that aren’t covered in the Player’s Handbook, a general outline of a campaign, and advice on common issues like what happens when players go completely off the rails. Later chapters will go over established D&D lore, add more magic items, and include a final “surprise.” 


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Avatar RPG Heads To Republic City

Magpie games announced a new setting book for the hit Avatar Legends RolePlaying Game. The Republic City expansion will bring players into Korra’s stomping ground, and bring with it all the most exciting parts of the steampunk jungle. Aside from lore about the city and its 10 districts, the book will also go over rules for piloting mecha, engaging in vehicle chases, and playing in pro-bending games. Players will also get access to new playbooks with moves taught by beloved characters like Mako and Bolin. Republic City is available for pre-order now with an expected release date of July 2023 for digital and September 2023 for hardcover books. 

Pathfinder Beginner Box Days Make It Easier To Start Than Ever

Pathfinder exploded in the wake of the whole Hasbro/D&D controversy earlier this year. Paizo worked hard to bring new players into Pathfinder 2E, and these beginner-focused events are continuing to this day. A new series of “Beginner Box Days” will be going on until the end of April, giving newbies many chances to hop into a learning session and test out characters. StartPlaying is also part of the fun, with many of our pro GMs offering Learn to Play sessions during different time zones and experience levels. 


That ends the biggest stories of the week! Whether you’re looking forward to Critical Role’s new games, excited to DM your first D&D session, plotting a pro-bending arc, or pouring over Pathfinder rules, have a wonderful time!

Apr 21, 2023
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