Have you been trying to learn Pathfinder 2E or are you desperately in search of a group to actually play it? Check out Learn To Play Pathfinder Weekend! The seasoned Game Masters of StartPlaying have teamed up with Paizo to turn learning Pathfinder into a monthly event. Whether you're looking to dip your toes in with a one-shot or dive head-first into the Abomination Vaults, you’re sure to find something exciting during Learn to Play Pathfinder Weekend. 

Learn to Play Pathfinder Weekend is a recurring event that takes place on the last weekend of every month, Thursday to Sunday. You can find open games here. Just look for the gold d20 on a red background, these mark games that are part of the event.

Pathfinder 2E has been leading a TTRPG boom since January 2023. Paizo sold through what was planned to be an eight-month supply of Core Rulebooks in two weeks. Meanwhile, interest in Pathfinder sessions on StartPlaying has increased exponentially. There are a lot of people who want to try out Pathfinder 2E, so there's no better time to find a group. Whether it's the deeply customizable characters, the strategic three action turns, or the fun of building a kingdom, players are finding a depth in Pathfinder that they don't always get in their other games.

‚ÄúPaizo is excited about this new partnership. We‚Äôve designed Pathfinder to be easy to learn, streamlined to play, and offer deep character customization starting at level one, with meaningful choices at every level. The StartPlaying professional Game Masters are ready to get you started and keep you playing every month at Pathfinder Play Weekends,‚ÄĚ says Aaron Shanks, director of marketing at Paizo.

As a bonus, existing StartPlaying users can also refer friends to the platform to claim a $10 credit towards a future game‚Äďperfect for inviting buddies to a new Pathfinder campaign!

Aug 11, 2023