It’s another week of tabletop RPG news! April began with some whammies as the Dungeons & Dragons Creator Summit played out over an action-packed few days. It seems that even the good buzz from the D&D movie was not enough to make people forget Hasbro/WotC’s recent missteps. Tough questions were asked, and there were revelations aplenty. Add that to some exciting announcements from other corners of the TTRPG world, and it’s been quite the week! 

D&D Creator Summit, Summarized

via: Bell of Lost Souls

Wizards of the Coast hosted D&D content creators, writers, designers, and more to a gathering where the announced intention was creating a dialogue about the future of the game. There was a lot of anticipation for the event, both due to recent criticisms of the company and the fact that many of the invited carry weight in the community. Would it be a PR stunt, many fans wondered, or would WotC really make good on its current commitment to transparency? 

The answer, as one would guess, is complicated. Attendees were split between physical and virtual, with many virtual attendees citing tech issues as a huge barrier to participation. Even so, all attendees were reportedly shown a preview of the D&D virtual tabletop in what seemed more like an advertising move than a summit. Afterwards, the creators banded together and took control of the agenda. Rather than allow WotC to continue its very corporate programming, PoC and disabled creators asked hard-hitting questions about inclusion and content quality. They didn’t relent in the face of executive speak, either, pressing WotC to engage with issues people have been asking about for years. 

Among the results was the surprising announcement that One D&D is not proceeding as a totally new edition. Instead, it will be more of an expansion to 5E. A new PHB is set for next year with updates to base species and classes, along with a rework of how mixed species like half-elves will work. For a more detailed breakdown of the event, check out these write-ups from a virtual and physical attendee.


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Drizzt Was Originally Intended To Be In D&D Honor Among Thieves

via: Wizards of the Coast

In an interview with, Honor Among Thieves producer Jeremy Latcham revealed that Drizzt Do'urden was supposed to be in the movie. He was meant to have an extended cameo where he shows up to guide Edgin’s band through their quest, leaving before the finale. Sound familiar? That’s because Drizzt’s role was eventually given to Regé-Jean Page’s paladin Xenk. It seems that the controversial nature of drow elves made the movie’s writers reconsider Drizzt’s inclusion. The beloved ranger is still on the table, however, as Wizards of the Coast was very interested in seeing him make it to the big screen. 

Anime 5E Expansion Adds More Monsters And Player Options

via: Dyskami Publishing

Those looking to homebrew more of their games will find a friend in Anime 5E’s upcoming Kickstarter. The base Anime 5E book uses a flexible point-based system for character creation, allowing for things outside the usual scope of 5E. Think small or huge sized player characters, guidelines for balanced personalized magic items, and features to create your own race. The customization provided by Anime 5E is immense, and it’s getting bigger with the upcoming Folstavia Kickstarter expansions. The project will be available for crowdfunding on April 11, and will offer a new setting, a monster manual, a species creation system, and maps. 


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Make Your Villains Sexier With The Queer Gothic Horror Campaign Vineyard

via: Vineyard RPG

Ever wonder how to make a compelling villain that’s as attractive as they are scary? Straight from one of StartPlaying’s Top GMs, isFriday, comes The Vineyard RPG. The gothic horror setting offers a world of intrigue dominated by an undead crime syndicate. Players who step into the Vineyard will find nine antagonists complete with detailed personalities and deadly stat blocks. The guide will also come complete with GM direction on forming contracts with these entities by an actual legal expert. What’s also very exciting about The Vineyard is that it will be compatible with both 5E and Kobold Press’ Project Black Flag. The Kickstarter campaign is already underway with a few weeks to go, but it’s always a good idea to sign up early and unlock those stretch goals. 


And that caps off another week! May your dice be kind and your RP be eventful!

Apr 7, 2023
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