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What is Starfinder?

Have you ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons, but in space? Do you yearn for a sci-fi tabletop RPG (TTRPG) game but your friends don’t want to learn completely new rules? Give Starfinder a shot! This spacefaring TTRPG is based on the Pathfinder world and rules, which take cues from classic d20 games like D&D. The result is something that feels like familiar fantasy but also adds fun new elements like spaceship battles and cyberpunk-esque body upgrades.

How do you play Starfinder?

The game before the game is character creation. Players can create Starfinder characters using familiar fantasy species like elves and dwarves, but also alien types like bug people. Classes give characters their spells and abilities. These also range from fantasy classics like Soldier or Mystic to sci-fi staples like Technomancer or Biohacker. The Starfinder setting is a place of magic and technology, so you’ve got a lot of freedom in how you want to style your character. You can pull from movies like Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even The Matrix.

The Game Master brings the players together and everyone figures out how they all form into a team. Once the basic story is set, the Game Masters weaves the tale of whatever challenge or enemy the heroes face. The players use their powers to overcome the challenges, working together to plan out strategies and roleplay how their characters react in the moment. If a certain obstacle proves stubborn the GM will have players roll to determine the outcome. The player typically rolls a twenty-sided die and adds to the result based on their character’s skills. 

For combat, especially spaceship combat, the GM may pull out a map and miniatures to represent the battlefield. This isn’t necessary, but does provide a more tactical element by making players think about their positioning.


How to Play Starfinder Online

It is cool to play Starfinder in-person with a space map for spaceship battles, but it’s not the only way to play. Online play is totally viable, with video call programs such as Zoom and Discord connecting people all over the world. In a “theater of the mind” style game, you only need the GM to set the scene, your character sheet, and dice. Everything else will happen in your imagination and maybe an accompanying text chat. 

If you prefer a more visual approach you can use a virtual tabletop (VTT). A VTT website or software connects all players to a shared online space. The GM can display all kinds of things on everyone’s screens including video chat, artwork, and even PDF maps for tactical play. Starfinder is supported by many popular VTTs like Roll20 and Foundry. These allow you to create your characters in the VTT and link them to the game, making it so all your abilities happen with a click! 

How to Find a Starfinder Group

Finding a friendly group can be as simple as going to your local game store. They may have a board for finding players or a “Learn to Play” night. You can also check RPG communities on Reddit or Discord. Both platforms have “Looking for Group” (LFG) channels where people post open games. The forums for VTTs like Roll20 are also full of open tables. Here at StartPlaying, we have a powerful, user-friendly tool for browsing open games that fit your schedule and experience level! Finally, you and your friends can get the core rulebook and learn together! You’ll just need one person to take on the role of GM.

Why Hire A Professional Game Master for Starfinder?

If you want to learn Starfinder, playing is the easiest way. A professional GMs has years of experience in not only introducing players to the hobby but also making the journey fun. This isn’t as easy as it may seem; a GM has to craft scenarios that challenge without being too frustrating while also delivering a fast-paced story that players want to take part in. Alongside being a writer and designer, they also have to be good at improv to roll with whatever creative choices the players throw at them. 

Whether you’re just learning the game or you’re a huge fan, you’ll find that a professional GM works with you to craft a singular Starfinder session. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience that only a game like Starfinder can deliver. A professional GM will take you to strange worlds, engage you in thrilling battles, and cast you as the main character of the story. 

Why hire a professional Game Master?

Convenience and Flexibility:

StartPlaying allows you to easily find and book sessions with professional Dungeon Masters and Game Masters that work for your schedule. You can focus on enjoying the game without worrying about the logistics of organizing sessions. Playing online provides flexibility, as you can join games from anywhere with an internet connection.

Tailored Play Experience:

Player reviews on StartPlaying make it easy to find a Dungeon Master whose style aligns with your preferences. With reviews from other players, you can gauge whether a DM is the right fit for how you want to play, whether it’s combat, role-playing, storytelling, or a specific genre.

Quality and Consistency:

Professional Dungeon Masters on StartPlaying are committed to running the best game ever. When a Dungeon Master is focused on running the best game every and are doing so professionally, games are less likely to get cancelled. Players who play in professionally run games are also incredibly invested, and not likely to flake on sessions.

How to StartPlaying

StartPlaying gives you the opportunity to join fellow tabletop games players across the world. Use the filters to refine your search to Dungeons & Dragons to see who's looking to add a new player to their party.

Once you've found a group you're interested in, head to their game description page to learn more about the adventure they're embarking on. When you're ready to jump in, just hit Join Game and start your quest with your new party.

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Actual Play

Actual Play (or AP) podcasts and streams are a common entry point for thousands of new players. They offer an entertaining way to watch or listen to the way games like Starfinder work—and the stories and shenanigans that result! Check out this playlist for a few shining examples of Actual Play.


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