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What is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

You’ve heard of Warhammer the tactical miniature combat game, you’ve seen the giant armies of well-painted plastic soldiers lined up on a huge table. But did you know that there’s a tabletop RPG version? Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay zooms the action in on a small group of characters in a Renaissance-inspired setting. Instead of commanding great armies in strategic conflicts, you and your friends play a small band of adventurers destined to do great things or die horribly while trying.

How do you play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay world is more technologically advanced and grim than a lot of other fantasy settings. You can still be elves and goblins, but the lands they adventure in are being torn apart by a dark force called Chaos while the rise of firearms and merchant classes challenge the old concept of nobility. Into this uncertainty steps your character. You begin with a mundane career like smuggler or baker that represents your very humble beginnings. If your character survives further adventures, you can upgrade to grander careers and the skills they offer. 

The Game Master brings your group together with the story and sets you on the path to adventure. You’re free to navigate the dangerous world as you see fit, and the GM reacts to the choices made by your party. Dice rolls decide the outcome of your more consequential actions. Spellcasters have a unique challenge in that magic stems from Chaos. There’s a risk of being corrupted or branded as a witch if magic casting goes wrong. 

All in all, this is a Warhammer game so combat is a huge part of how you’ll spend your time. The battles are rather deadly, reflecting how often soldiers die in the classic Warhammer game. Characters can only sustain a few hits before they are maimed or killed. Healing magic is rare, and there’s no such thing as revival. If you’re looking for a grim, challenging game, pick up Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

How to Play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Online

Warhammer is fun with people around a table, as combat involves detailed miniatures on tactical maps. Yet getting a group of adults to align their schedules might be harder than the deadly combat. Fortunately, you don’t need the fancy setup. You can play “theater of the mind” without the figures and just imagine how the battles look. The GM provides narration to paint the picture, and all the players need are characters and dice. Video chat programs like Zoom or Discord help connect everyone and even allow for some visual aids. 

If you do want that strategic tabletop experience, however, try a virtual tabletop (VTT). A VTT is a software or website that can host characters, provide 3D digital dice, and most importantly gives the GM space to display tactical battle maps. Players can make digital icons of their characters to populate the battlefield and sync up their moves over video chat. The best-known VTTs like Roll20 and Foundry support Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with official content packs that allow you to make and store your characters in their system. 

How to Find a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Group

Local game stores are great places to meet fellow Warhammer players, be it for the wargame or TTRPG. Many have boards where GMs post ads looking for players, and a lot of shops host weekly Warhammer nights. Social media can also be a good place to look if you target the right communities. For instance, here’s a Reddit community just for Warhammer Fantasy. Here at StartPlaying, we have a powerful, easy-to-grasp search tool for browsing plenty of open games! Finally, if you have a group of friends who want to give it a try, you can start a beginner game together and learn as you play. In this case, one of you will need to accept the role of Game Master.

Why Hire A Professional Game Master for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

Game Masters need to juggle a lot: they need to master the rules, create an engaging story, and tailor the experience to the specific players at the table. When it comes to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, they also need to maintain a level of tension to the combat. There’s a balance to working with the creative ideas of players and still keeping the dark tone of a world where death is a constant threat. It takes a pro to strike that balance in a way that’s fun for players; good thing we know a lot of those! 

With a professional GM, you’re getting years of experience telling stories and designing tactical combat. A StartPlaying GM makes use of all the resources they’ve acquired to deliver a personalized experience. They’ll use cinematic music, gripping visuals, and streamlined VTT tools to keep you immersed in the world. You’re not just playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind service where the battles and story are tailored to your character. 

Why hire a professional Game Master?

Convenience and Flexibility:

StartPlaying allows you to easily find and book sessions with professional Dungeon Masters and Game Masters that work for your schedule. You can focus on enjoying the game without worrying about the logistics of organizing sessions. Playing online provides flexibility, as you can join games from anywhere with an internet connection.

Tailored Play Experience:

Player reviews on StartPlaying make it easy to find a Dungeon Master whose style aligns with your preferences. With reviews from other players, you can gauge whether a DM is the right fit for how you want to play, whether it’s combat, role-playing, storytelling, or a specific genre.

Quality and Consistency:

Professional Dungeon Masters on StartPlaying are committed to running the best game ever. When a Dungeon Master is focused on running the best game every and are doing so professionally, games are less likely to get cancelled. Players who play in professionally run games are also incredibly invested, and not likely to flake on sessions.

How to StartPlaying

StartPlaying gives you the opportunity to join fellow tabletop games players across the world. Use the filters to refine your search to Dungeons & Dragons to see who's looking to add a new player to their party.

Once you've found a group you're interested in, head to their game description page to learn more about the adventure they're embarking on. When you're ready to jump in, just hit Join Game and start your quest with your new party.

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Actual Play

Actual Play (or AP) podcasts and streams are a common entry point for thousands of new players. They offer an entertaining way to watch or listen to the way games like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay work—and the stories and shenanigans that result! Check out this playlist for a few shining examples of Actual Play.


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