Virtual tabletop platform Quest Portal introduced a new update this past week: character sheet templates for almost any TTRPG system. 

In the blog post, Quest Portal describes how you can use their already-made templates, copy ones shared by other users, or make your own in the no-code editing tool. The sheet editor provides common simple elements like lists and tables, as well as widgets for specific game mechanics like hit points or slot-based resources. 

Quest Portal already supports character sheets for popular games like Dungeons & Dragons 5E. It added support for more systems with this update. You can make use of premade character sheet templates for games like Pathfinder 2E, Cyberpunk Red, Cypher System, City of Mist, Dune, Fallout, RuneQuest, Star Trek Adventures, and My Little Pony. They encourage you to share any templates you make for games not on this list with the larger community. 

For a starter guide to the Quest Portal VTT, read here. To try a game with a professional Game Master using Quest Portal, check our current listings

Jul 9, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News