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About me

Long time DM since 1st edition. Currently running Strahd and Margreve on Roll20. Starting Spelljammer later this summer with my personal group. So, where to begin? I have loved fantasy and myth since I was single digits. I got started on Greek myth and eventually upgraded to Endless Quest adventure books. Return to Brookmere is still one of my favorites to this day. I found a copy of the 1e Monster Manual at a cousin's house and I was hooked. I didn't actually get to PLAY until middle school, but I loved it. I have run games on and off for the past three decades in all editions of Dungeons & Dragons (I even ran 12 levels of 4e, but by the end I disliked it so much I took a break until 5e came out). I have run six campaigns since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Before that I was 100% a table top RPG guy and resisted playing online. Didn't want anything to do with it. When I was forced to learn Roll20 I dragged by feet, but I am happy to say I LOVE the new medium. I have an article about it here: I think I like playing online better than in person at this point. It is FASTER. I have access to endless maps and tokens and art. Dynamic lighting is fantastic, and face-to-face game cannot possibly replicate shadows and line of sight. And, frankly, for a DM who loves maps and minis, playing online is just plain cheaper. I have thousands of plastic minis and stacks of maps, but when they can all be used online for a fraction of the price... My strengths as a DM: Well, I have multiple players returning again and again week after week for many years to slaughter goblins in an imaginary world. We laugh a lot. It is all about communal fun. I am a writer too and have been posting recaps of game sessions for the past 17 years or so. Many can be found on my blog, as well as free links to short stories and a novel on Amazon. Check them out! Curse of Strahd and Tales of the Old Margreve don't have linked stories yet, but I wrote them: over 80 so far for each campaign, which is a novel in and of itself.

GM style

I run heavy map and minis games with ample sound effects and music scores. Games generally run from 1st to 10th. Not a fan of higher level D&D generally. PC death is possible but uncommon. Combat, exploration and role playing equally spaced.


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