The chill autumn winds are blowing, and they bring another week’s worth of tabletop RPG news! We start with a humorous story this week, as D&D Beyond made a biiit of a mistake. Before we get into that, though, don’t forget that this weekend marks the start of Roll20 Con! Come watch some amazing streams (some from our own StartPlaying GMs) and check out how to get free Roll20 maps, modules, and even whole game systems! 

And if you’re looking to get into a game with funny, knowledgeable, or challenging GMs, StartPlaying has what you’re looking for! 

D&D Beyond Caught With An Embarrassing Typo

A Twitter user noticed an unfortunate error in D&D Beyond’s advertising push for the upcoming Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen book. The very world of the Dragonlance setting, Krynn, is misspelled as “Kyrnn” in big typeface at the forefront of a Facebook ad. In a different ad, prospective buyers are told that they can join with the “forces of legendary” like Knights of Solmnia.

There’s no word on whether this was a simple typo or the work of a PR employee who doesn’t know the product, Twitter users were nonetheless full of criticism for D&D as a brand. While many joked about the obvious typo, some took it as indication that the 5E Dragonlance release was doomed to disappoint in a manner similar to that of Spelljammer. We’ll have to see for ourselves in December when the book releases and we return to Kyrnn. 

Ray Winninger Announces Exit from Wizards Of The Coast

As WotC continues to make big changes to the future of Dungeons & Dragons, Ray Winninger has stepped down from his role as head of the D&D team. In an October 18 tweet, Winninger made his departure known and praised his former colleagues. The move comes just after Hasbro hired Dan Rawson as new senior vice president in charge of D&D. Rawson used to work for Microsoft, particularly in digital commerce and business applications. These recent announcements, along with One D&D’s reveal, seem to point towards an increasing digital focus for the game. 

Monty Python TTRPG Launches, Is Fully Funded, And Has Spam

via: Kickstarter

Since every IP has to have a tabletop RPG right now, Monty Python is entering the ring with a suitably silly entry. Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme recently launched on Kickstarter and is already fully funded and over $1 million. The game (which itself insists is not a Role Playing Game) puts players in a “mediaevil” setting but features references to the whole Monty Python catalog. Backers can get add-ons like dice catapults, a supplementary board game about throwing stuff at French people, and a d30. Crowdfunding is available until November 18. 

TaleSpire Goes On Sale To Celebrate Hero Forge Collaboration

TaleSpire is now 25% off on Steam and will let you integrate your custom Hero Forge miniatures into its virtual tabletop. TaleSpire stands apart from other big VTTs by offering a 3D view of terrain instead of the usual flat maps and tokens. And now it offers official support for Hero Forge minis. To mark this huge occasion, TaleSpire is now on sale until October 27. To see the endless potentials of TaleSpire for your TTRPG game, check out how a professional GM uses the software!

Oct 21, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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