It's finally here, Dungeons & Dragons fans: and official Wizards of the Coast VTT! One D&D is set to be the future of the game, and it was announced along with all of this other hot news at Wizards Presents August 2022.

One D&D Announced, Features Virtual Tabletop And Reworks Of 5E Core Books

A new initiative aimed at honoring the legacy of D&D and 5E's impact on the game's mainstream appeal is on the way. This One D&D seems to be the upcoming 2024 rework that some theorized would be 6th Edition. In reality, it seems to be more of an expansion via updates akin to how online games evolve. The designers also assured viewers that One D&D rule changes will still work with older 5E modules.

One D&D will consist of a rework of the 5E Player's Handbook, DM's Guide, and Monster Manual. It will also make use of WotC's recent acquisition of D&D Beyond to give players more digital tools and integration. D&D designers also showed up to show off an official WotC Virtual Tabletop. It will feature 3d miniatures and maps rendered in the Unreal Engine that is often used for major video game releases.

One D&D will be revealed as a series of playtest packages starting today. You can go to D&D Beyond to take part in the playtest.

D&D 2023 Releases Given Names And Previews

D&D's next hardcovers have been named and detailed. They are:
-The Keys from the Golden Vault, an anotholgy campaign
-Glory of the Giants, a book that will probably use the giant content seen in recent Unearthed Arcana
-Phandelver Campaign, expanding the beloved 5E starter set
-The Book of Many Things, a book of useful things for DMs
-Planescape, the return of a classic setting will be the Fall 2023 release

The Legend Of Drizzt Celebrates The Hero With New Releases And New Art

RA Salvatore's iconic hero is being honored with new art and books. The classic books are being updated in digital format with updated cover art. Drizzt will also star in a visual dictionary of the Forgotten Realms and a new webtoon that sees his daughter taking up his swords.

Dragonlance Details: Shadow Of The Dragon Queen And Warriors Of Krynn

We saw a spotlight on 5E's version of Dragonlance, where desginers went over their vision of the setting. They see Dragonlance as a D&D war story, complete with all the sweeping visuals and dramatic storytelling those tales call to mind. The Dragonlance book will be called Shadow of the Dragon Queen. Art from the book was shown, as well as an overview of the factions and races that will be offered to players.

The wargaming component will be called Warriors of Krynn, and be a full-on board game that can also be used in the TTRPG to simulate Dragonlance's epic battles. Shadow of the Dragon Queen was given the official release date of December 6, 2022. This release will see the first time WotC offers the chance to buy the physical and D&D Beyond versions together in a Deluxe Version. Priced at $99 USD, the Deluxe version will give buyers early access to the content on D&D Beyond starting November 22, 2022.

Magic Showcases Its 2023 Plans

The next saga of MTG will be all about the battle against Phyrexia. The villainous empire will reveal its plans to use magic from previous settings, and all of the good guys will need to team up to stop them in a big multiverse-war themed arc.

Lord Of The Rings Magic The Gathering Set Features Epic Art

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth is the name of the upcoming set, which will feature beloved characters from the timeless novel. Art is a big selling point here, including 18 borderless cards that come together to form a giant tableau depicting a big battle from the LotR series.

Magic's Universes Beyond Crossover Initiative Details Upcoming Collections

The limited edition crossover series of Magic cards has more up its sleeve. The Warhammer 40,000 set will feature four Commander decks that represent different factions of the universe: Imperium, Chaos, Necrons, and Tyrannid. There will also be Secret Lair drops.

Doctor Who will get a Magic set as well, with Commander decks and collector boosters that spotlight Doctors from several generations.

Magic World Championship is Coming To Las Vegas

To celebrate 30 years of MTG, Wizards is holding a huge series of tournaments and pre-release events from October 28-30.

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Aug 18, 2022
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