Roll20Con is a great time to get acquainted with the vast universe of tabletop RPGs. StartPlaying is partnered with Roll20 for the event, which runs November 12-14. The connected games, however, go from November 12-15. A lot of Roll20Con’s games are online one shots aimed at welcoming new players and helping lone players find a group to play with. Since so many people will be relative newbies, this makes Roll20Con a great event to sample a new TTRPG system. 

Roll20 itself is easy to learn, and is often the choice for those new to playing TTRPGs online. The GMs of StartPlaying know this, and are running a lot of beginner-friendly games for that reason. Yes, you can still hop on a Dungeons & Dragons game and maybe even start a new campaign. But if you’ve been wanting to try that new Dune RPG or something more indie, we’ve got plenty to go around. Here are the TTRPG systems we’re running during Roll20Con.

Dune - Adventures In The Imperium

Cue the sound of someone singing loudly in your mind as you picture Zendaya just kind of standing there. If Dune is on the brain after seeing the latest movie, we can’t blame you. There just happens to be a new TTRPG based on the series, and StartPlaying GMs are running a fews games based on it. You can run your own house, be a Bene Gesserect speaker, or take on the sands on Arrakis itself in our Roll20Con games

Alien RPG

For the ans of proper survival horror, this Alien RPG session gives you pre-generated characters with secret agendas. The game is supposed to be a struggle to survive on a colony in the Alien universe, but characters’ conflicting goals (and the very real possibility of character death) add even more tension to this cinematic experience. 

Star Wars Edge Of The Empire 

Travel to a galaxy far, far away with this tabletop RPG that focuses on the scoundrels of Star Wars. This is for those who always preferred Han Solo to Luke or any other Jedi. Players will take on the criminal element of Tatooine in this more narrative system. 

Avatar Legends

via: Magpie Games

This RPG based on the beloved Last Airbender cartoon caused quite a stir when it hit Kickstarter and broke pledge records. It uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system to emphasize narrative, unique character abilities, and inner balance. Combat uses stances to emulate martial arts, making for a fast-paced game that captures the simultaneous fun and depth of Avatar. Roll20Con sessions for this are filling up fast, so check them out here

Thirsty Sword Lesbians

“Anywhere that swords cross and hearts race, thirsty sword lesbians are there.” That’s what the description says for our Roll20Con session of this singular TTRPG. Players will have exciting adventures full of swashbuckling and shy glances aplenty. Roleplayers will especially love this system that puts you in the shoes of heroic, galaxy-hopping lesbians. 

Monster Of The Week

Ever want to take on a TTRPG monster that’s truly terrifying? One that can’t just be fireballed out of existence in one round? Monster of the Week gives just that. The narrative is close to an episode of Buffy or X-Files, presenting a mysterious threat with only one weakness that must be puzzled out. Our intro session will show you how easy this game is to learn, and how hard it is to leave. 


via: Catalyst Game Labs

“The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry.” Take a little bit of cyberpunk, a little bit of fantasy, and you’ll have some idea of what Shadowrun is. Expect lots of combat in this session, which has players investigating a mysterious substance that’s changing everything on the streets. 

Mork Borg

Poor souls in a doomed world - that’s the theme of the critically-acclaimed Mork Borg (or “dark city”). This metal music-inspired RPG will send players on a desperate journey underground to recover a lost prince… or face execution at the hands of the Shadow King. Everything out in world is trying to kill you, but then again, so are half the people in the city. Good luck, you’ll need it. 

Dungeons & Dragons is always a hit, but StartPlaying is seeing a lot of seats fill up for these TTRPGs. Come join us, try a new system, and maybe find your new favorite game!

Nov 10, 2021

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