The sun is setting on another week, which means it’s time to wrap up the work and get ready to party! Or marathon play Baldur’s Gate 3. But before that, let’s take one last look at what happened in the tabletop RPG universe. The last week of August gave us more evidence that Dungeons & Dragons is growing in popularity, Pathfinder is testing out two new classes, Luke Gygax seeks to reprint some of his dad’s work, and one Baldur’s Gate 3 companion just got a lot more chatty.

Interest In Tabletop Games Up Around 40% Since Pre-Pandemic

A new survey released by Merchoid, and found by Dicebreaker, found that 37% of responders are playing more tabletop games than they did pre-COVID. A large number of those surveyed believed that in-person interaction is “essential” to their social lives which might be a factor in the rise of tabletop games. In particular, D&D saw an 85% rise in interest with those surveyed. Miniature-based wargames like Warhammer also saw a 49% increase. This matches with other data that shows, while TTRPGS in general are on the rise, D&D is still very much on top. 

Pathfinder 2E Playtests Two New Classes

via: Paizo

The Pathfinder machine is chugging along steadily towards its eventual connection to Starfinder’s upcoming 2nd Edition. Part of this crossover will be a book called War of Immortals that provides a lore reason for the event. In the book will be two new classes for Pathfinder. First will be the animist, a wisdom-based spellcaster that bonds with nature spirits to boost their power. The other is the exemplar, a charisma-based martial class that channels divine power through a weapon or item. Both classes are now available to playtest. 

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Luke Gygax Reviving Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg

via: ENWorld

Three of Gary Gygax’s creations are returning to print by way of his son Luke and Troll Lord Games. The first is Castle Zagyg, a campaign setting including the titular dread castle and the surrounding town of Yggsburgh. The book’s innards will remain unchanged, with a separate PDF included in pre-orders that contains conversion notes for D&D 5E, reports EN World. This is one of three Gygax originals returning to print, along with The Hermit and Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds. The Gygax estate is allowing these three for now, with future plans depending on how sales go.

One Baldur’s Gate 3 Party Member Getting 1,500 Lines of Dialogue In New Patch 

via: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios is hard at work fixing bugs in the game’s release. The next big initiative, according to Bell of Lost Souls, is to squash errors that result in party members missing certain parts of their story. Fan-favorite Karlach is getting a new ending, while Minthara is seeing a lot more dialogue restored. Don’t know who Minthara is? She’s the Drow Paladin you kill in the goblin camp. That is, unless you play an evil path. Then, you can team up with her and even romance her. However, a single bug has been stopping players from seeing about 1,500 lines from Minthara. The upcoming Patch 2 is set to fix that, so evil players will be eating. 

And just like Minthara in most playthroughs, our time is over! We hoped you enjoyed catching up, now get out there and roll some dice! 

Aug 31, 2023
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