New year, new you, as they say. So why not dive in and try something new right away? In fact, why not try out a stunning horror system and an immersive new virtual tabletop in one amazing session? 

StartPlaying is partnering with Alchemy RPG and Vaesen, the award-winning Nordic Horror game from Free League Publishing. We’re offering a weekend of thrills with beginner-friendly Vaesen games from trained Game Masters. And it all takes place in Alchemy, a VTT built for immersion with large stunning art screens, ambient music, and swift scene changes at the GM’s command. 

Find Vaesen games running all through next week, until January 14, by checking here

Vaesen uses the Year Zero Engine to quickly place players in the Mythic North. Imagine northern Europe of the nineteenth century but plagued by creatures of myth. Even as technology and industry begin to take hold, people living beyond the reaches of civilization respect the old ways. For if they don’t, they might succumb to that which lurks in the darkness…

Vaesen won awards for its art, which depicts its various creatures in vivid color and dreadful detail. The monsters also impressed enough to win an ENNIE for Best Monster/Adversary. Gameplay-wise, Vaesen sets up rules for rapidly creating characters and getting into the action. The rules for investigation and combat are similarly straightforward. Those wanting longer campaigns will find mechanics for establishing and developing a base. 

Alchemy RPG is rising in popularity after it smashed its Kickstarter goals. It aims to be a streamer-friendly VTT, placing dynamic art and dice rolls at the center of the screen. Battle maps are available, but the emphasis is more on images to promote Theater of the Mind confrontations. This makes Alchemy a preferred setting for TTRPGs that aim to establish a mood or encourage storytelling over statistics. 

StartPlaying Games remains the best place to find a knowledgeable, professional GM in any time zone. Our GMs for the Alchemy x Vaesen event are committed to making the games beginner-friendly, spooky, and fun. Come play with us! 

Jan 4, 2024
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