Greetings, and thanks for coming back for this week’s biggest tabletop news. Here at StartPlaying we have our own big things going on, but there’s still time to take a look back at the biggest tabletop RPG news of the last seven days. So read on to find out about another win for the Dungeon Dudes, who Dungeons & Dragons asked to help improve its upcoming books, how a five-year-old made a dungeon, and the latest amazing Humble Bundle. 

Monsters of Drakkenheim Has Kickstarter First With D&D Beyond Support

via: Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Monsters of Drakkenheim, a book of horrific monsters and crafting mechanics for 5E, features D&D Beyond support for certain backer tiers. Those who choose the Digital Deluxe tier or higher can choose to receive their copy on one virtual tabletop in addition to their book and PDF. D&D Beyond is displayed as a choice alongside Roll20 and Foundry. This is a first, and a significant continuation of Wizards of the Coasts’ support for third-party content. It does have some context as D&D Beyond already has other Drakkenheim content for sale, but it’s the first time a third-party product is being promised for the platform pre-publishing. 

WotC Consulted With Matthew Mercer And Deborah Ann Woll For 2024 DM's Guide

Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer And Deborah Ann Woll of Relics and Rarities consulted on the upcoming revised Dungeon Master’s Guide, reports The two particularly helped with making the book as useful as it can be to Dungeon Masters. A constant criticism of the current 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide is that it contains too little usable information, and the good stuff is scattered throughout the various chapters. WotC has said in interviews that better organization and actionable content is the focus of this version, which releases on November 12, 2024. Other contributors will be revealed leading up to the book’s release, with some specializing in specific areas such as running D&D for kids. 

Try MÖRK BORG With A Pro GM Today! 

Five-Year-Old Designs MĂ–RK BORG Monsters And Dungeon

via: Rascal News

Five-year-old Assar Nohr created monsters and a trap-filled dungeon for the deadly game MĂ–RK BORG. He had assistance in the form of his father, Johan, who co-created the game and illustrated its signature art style. The dungeon is titled The Lair of the Vampire King and the cover monster was even drawn by Assar, at least in concept art form. The father-son creation was sold as a physical zine at Gothcon in Sweden and will hit online stores soon. Nohr talked about the creation in an interview with Rascal News.

Humble Bundle Gives Avatar, Root, Bluebeard, Pasiones, And More For $35

via: Humble

Humble Bundle is once again bringing the TTRPG deals, this time with a greatest hits collection of Magpie Games. The wildly popular Avatar Legends is the crown jewel, as a $35 donation gets you a physical copy of the starter set alongside a digital core book and adventure guide. Cute animal game Root is also in the higher tiers with its core book and some expansions. You can drop to the $25 if you don’t need the physical Avatar starter set and still get several books for hits like Bluebeard’s Bride and Masks. If you’re still not flush with cash at the moment, there are two lower tiers that offer Pasion de las Pasiones, Fate, and a lot of other fun game systems.

Thanks for reading this week’s biggest stories on StartPlaying! Have a great weekend, and may your dice be kind. 

Mar 28, 2024
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