Here it is, the latest edition of StartPlaying TTRPG news! Every week we set out to gather the most impactful stories of the tabletop gaming industry. Whether it be new games, big business moves, or controversial technology use, we hunt it down and bring it to your screen. This time around, Wizards of the Coast previewed its 2024 DnD classes, Evil Genius CEO seems to go back on his word about NFTs, and two new horror experiences hit the scene.  

DnD Fighter 2024 Changes Turn Class Into Nintendo's Link

Wizards of the Coast began a huge marketing push for the new core books of its DnD 2024 update. The company announced a series of videos in the coming days previewing what’s in store for players and Dungeon Masters alike. The first was an hour long video dedicated to the 2024 Player’s Handbook. A lot of gorgeous art was previewed and some new rule changes (such as the popular bonus action potions) were revealed. 

Later videos included new DnD Feats and Weapon Mastery. The latter adds new benefits to using certain weapons, such as knocking foes prone or granting oneself advantage. The DnD 2024 Fighter can swap out multiple weapon masteries, giving them a multi-weapon playstyle like Link from The Legend of Zelda

Evil Genius Games Owner Pitches NFT Marketplace For TTRPGs

The saga of Evil Genius continues as EN World discovered an interesting pitch from Owner Dave Scott. It appears that Scott attended Consensus 2024, a gathering of blockchain, crypto, and Web3 enthusiasts. Scott took the stage at the convention’s pitch competition to share his vision for a future marketplace that leverages famous movies to sell NFTs for TTRPG use. His examples include being able to use Rambo’s gun or pilot a Pacific Rim mech. He also imagined a Roblox-like community system where users create their own adventures and NPCs and collect royalties when they’re downloaded. EN World notes that Evil Genius put out a public ethics statement to not use blockchain tech earlier this year. 

Coyote & Crow To Launch Horror Expansion On Kickstarter

via: C&C Games

The Coyote & Crow RPG is set to get its first expansion in the form of Ahu Tiiko. The ominous red-and-black tome is said to be a “horror and mystery setting expansion book.” The Kickstarter is set to debut on July 16. A teaser trailer can be found here.

Onyx Path Unveils Curseborne 

Only Path had its own virtual convention this past weekend, where it announced Curseborne. The game is a return to urban fantasy horror for Onyx Path and will branch off into a whole world and game line. Those interested can download a sample Curseborne Ashcan from DriveThruRPG now, and/or watch the first official actual play video

That’s all we got for this week! Thanks for reading, and if you play this weekend, we hope your dice treat you well. 

Jun 20, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News