We return with another edition of StartPlaying tabletop RPG news. Unfortunately, this week begins with sad news about a fellow news site. Several Dicebreaker staff members announced that they lost their jobs this week after the site’s parent company was bought by IGN. Other, happier stories from this week cover The Legend of Vox Machina Season 3, DnD anniversary collectibles, and Dimension 20’s Kids on Bikes rework. Let’s get into it with the bad news first. 

Multiple Dicebreaker Staff Made Redundant 

Tabletop gaming news site Dicebreaker has been on something of a hiatus for the last few weeks in the wake of being bought by IGN, with not a single post going live. The tabletop community got some answers from now-former staff in the form of Twitter announcements. Editor-in-Chief Matt Jarvis, Senior Staff Writer Alex Meehan, and Head of Video Michael Whelan all shared that they were made redundant by the site’s new owner. Boardgamewire reported on the situation and also reached out to IGN, getting no comment. In fact, no official statement has been given by Dicebreaker or IGN about the redundancies. 

Legend Of Vox Machina Gets Season 3 Premiere Date And New Trailer

Amazon Prime announced The Legend of Vox Machina Season 3 release date - October 3. Variety reports that Prime Video will debut the season with three episodes, and three more will release every week for a total of 12. A Vox Machina Season 3 trailer of sorts came out alongside the announcement. Instead of a preview of scenes, however, the opening sequence was revealed. The Season 3 title sequence has some new images for fans to speculate on and go wild over while they wait until October. 

DnD Anniversary Stamps Come Out At GenCon 

via: USPS

Dungeons & Dragons stamps are going to be a thing. This official collab between DnD and the US Postal service will result in a page of 20 stamps bearing official art from the franchise. There are 10 unique art pieces ranging from spellcasters to magic items to dragon queen Tiamat herself. This 50th anniversary product was revealed some time ago, but Bell of Lost Souls reports that the stamps will finally be available for purchase on August 1 at GenCon. The GenCon convention is the first day of issue, but the stamps will likely be more widely available afterwards. 

Why Dimension 20 Is Using A Kids On Bikes Hack For Never Stop Blowing Up

via: Dimension 20

Dimension 20’s new upcoming season, Never Stop Blowing Up, is using a house version of Kids on Bikes. It makes sense as DnD isn’t quite suited for the theme of 80s action movies and Kids on Bikes features exploding dice which totally fits. Even so, many Twitter users used their platforms to complain that making a hack instead of just plain using Kids on Bikes cheats the indie game out of due credit. Rascal News decided to dive into the topic and discuss why iteration is how TTRPGs will survive well into the future. 

We’re done for this week! I do want to personally extend sympathy to the Dicebreaker team; they were a huge inspiration and I referenced their work often when writing these very news roundups. I hope they find new work soon and that the industry supports more writer-driven news outlets like Rascal. In the meantime, have fun with your games and may your dice be kind! 

Jun 13, 2024
Tabletop Gaming News