Raise your staff, chant your magic words, and get out your material components: it’s time to summon another round of tabletop RPG news! This week’s stories show that Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot left to give. In other news, Diablo is coming to the TTRPG scene, the D&D TV channel gets an air date, and Paizo announces a surprise partnership. That’s a lot to cover, so let’s dash right in! 

Baldur’s Gate 3 Achievement Hints At Hardcore Mode

via: Steam

The hit video game Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to get huge updates well after release, keeping players talking long after they’ve finished their first campaign. The latest update gives a new reason to talk, but not because it adds something new. Rather, it’s the lack of something that intrigues. 

A new achievement called “Foehammer” is present on GOG, reports Bell of Lost Souls. The requirement for this achievement is “complete the game in Honour Mode.” Except Honour Mode does not exist in BG3. It does, however, exist in the developer’s previous title Divinity: Original Sin II. Honour Mode gives you one save file, which auto-deletes if you get a game over. It’s a true challenge mode where every death matters. There’s no official announcement of Honour Mode for BG3, but it seems imminent. 

Diablo TTRPG And Board Game Announced 

via: Blizzard

Diablo is set to become the next video game turned into a TTRPG/board game, reports Dicebreaker. Both games are being developed by Glass Cannon Unplugged, the people behind the Apex Legends and Frostpunk board games. Diablo will be the developer’s first foray into TTRPGs. The system will be completely new, as opposed to being a 5E or PBTA hack, and feature fast-paced combat as well as some kind of “inner struggle.” The TTRPG is planned to release at BlizzCon 2024 while the board game will be crowdfunded. 

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Dungeons & Dragons Free TV Channel Launches This Week

D&D is now on your TV– via Amazon Freevee or Plex. The Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures streaming channel runs free with ads and has started airing as a preview on November 8. The full launch will be on November 13 with three weekly series. Two actual play series will spearhead the initiative. Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! will center on action and deadly combat featuring celebrity guests like Matthew Lillard. Encounter Party takes a more standard narrative approach over 22 episodes. Finally, the Heroes’ Feast cooking show will make recipes from the book of the same name. 

Paizo Partners With Natural Pengu For Discount VTT Program

via: Natural Pengu

In surprising news, Paizo is partnering with a relatively small live play channel for Pathfinder content. Natural Pengu is primarily a VTT-in-the-making which, like many others, is putting its focus on easy set up and learning. With this new program, owners of the new Pathfinder Player Core book will be able to integrate their content into Natural Pengu VTT for $2. Other discounts will be available for early adopters of Natural Pengu. Meanwhile, Natural Pengu will also be streaming Pathfinder, presumably with some form of sponsorship. 

That brings this week to a close! May your games be fun and your dice be kind! 

Nov 9, 2023
Tabletop Gaming News

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