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About me

Hey, I'm Jaycorn (He/Him), and it would be my absolute pleasure to bring you on an adventure where the worlds are intricate, the characters are vibrant, and the players are at the heart of the story. I'm just a TTRPG nut! I've been playing them since I was - well for the last two decades anyhow - and I've been running games for most of that. It didn't matter if it was Rifts, or D&D, or Mutants and Masterminds; I loved telling stories with the people at the table with me - and I'd love to keep doing that for as long as I can! Whether you're new to the game or a veteran player, I'm all about creating a space where everyone feels welcome and engaged. Crafting worlds and stories that resonate with each player is my jam, and I believe that storytelling is right up there with Chronomancy in terms of being the most powerful magic of all! So, ready to dive into a world where each choice leads to new adventures, and every session is a chance to make lasting memories? Grab your dice, and let's start this journey together!

GM style

Here's my GM Style and Approach: Intricate World-Builder: I love creating worlds that are not just backdrops but living, breathing entities with depth and intrigue. Expect a journey where every corner holds a new surprise. Roleplay with Heart: Characters are the soul of our story. I enjoy bringing to life a variety of NPCs that you might just end up wanting to take home! Balancing Act: Whether it's getting the rules just right or tweaking them for the sake of a great story, I'm all about finding that perfect balance. The aim? To keep things fair and fun. Empowering Players: Your ideas and stories matter. I strive to intertwine your character's personal journey with the broader narrative, making you feel like a true hero in our shared saga. Creative and Collaborative: Using tools like Talespire, I bring our adventures to life with engaging visuals. But the real magic happens when we all contribute, creating something truly special. Newbie Friendly and Veteran Approved: No matter your experience level, my games are designed to be accessible, enjoyable, and memorable.


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