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Matthew Jent

2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Inclusive

About me

I am a writer & teacher by profession and I've been playing/GMing tabletop role-playing games for more than 20 years. I love TTRPGs because it allows players to tell a story together, and I love GMing because it allows me to help others tell weird/fun/creative stories in a unique medium. I focus on collaborative storytelling in games I run, and I like to offer players interesting choices. The first game I ever played was the red box Dungeons & Dragons basic set, and the last game I ran in-real-life was World Wide Wrestling by Nathan Paoletta; my favorite TTRPG of all time is Fiasco. I love it when a story goes sideways, when a plan fails but the failure makes the game even better, and when the players come up with something I could never, ever have anticipated. I play in a longrunning, weekly game with friends and I have GMed in the Games on Demand room at Origins. Before the pandemic I produced a live monthly improv show, and I once produced Ghost Court live on stage. I'm here to run the weird indie games you've heard about but haven't had the chance to play yet, and to introduce players to new experiences (and new games).

GM style

I love roleplay and character work -- conversations, playing-to-find-out-what-happens -- and I create a safe space to be creative together. I have a background as a writer and in theatrical improv, so I fully embrace "yes, and..." as a method of making up games/stories together. I think TTRPGs are for everyone, so I especially welcome new players or folx who want to try something different. I like to know the rules & follow them, but I'd rather make a fun call in the moment before going through the index to look up an obscure or esoteric ruling. For safety tools I employ the X card and lines & veils; for campaigns I will run a session 0 where we build characters together & discuss campaign themes.

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