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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

New players welcome! Join me on Fantasy Grounds (free download) to experience D&D online. We'll play the D&D Essentials Kit, a fun adventure with multiple paths and character to play with. Explore Phandalin, help out the...

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How to prepare

Think about what sort of class you'd like to play as, but I will have premade characters for you to choose from or you can create your own level one character as well. You'll need the Demo version of Fantasy Grounds Classic and Discord for video and voice.

What I provide

A virtual tabletop for us to play in Premade character sheets Adventure!

What else should you know

Don't be overwhelmed by Fantasy Grounds, I will walk you through the platform and it's pretty easy after I show you the ins-n-outs of it.

Gameplay Details

In this game you'll explore the area around Phandalin, helping out the locals and stopping local monsters like orcs, manticores, and other fantastic creatures.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pregenerated characters are available or if you have a 1st level character from Fantasy Grounds or D&D Beyond we can import them.

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