Fate Core System | #iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy

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#iHunt is set in the real world. Or at least a world with very real problems like systemic racism, wealth inequality, inaccessible health care… and vampires. Werewolves, too. And zombies, all sorts of supernatural proble...

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How to prepare

Players should have a microphone and webcam, and (free) accounts on Roll20 and Discord. Beyond that nothing is required other than imagination and a willingness to work with the table to tell a great story. If a player wants to acquire the #iHunt rules they’re available in pdf from as well as some novels set in the world by the game’s author. (again, not required, but I think they’re good!)

What I provide

I'll have the Roll20 game set up with maps, music and art, as well as maintaining a Discord group for sound.

What else should you know

#iHunt has very mature themes, it is unabashedly anti-conservative, positive toward LGBTQ and trans rights, and completely anti-fascist. As the rules explicitly state, Nazis are not allowed to play. In the interest of running a completely safe table, we'll have a Session Zero to talk about themes and emphasis, as well as topics and phobias that need to be off-limits and/or off-screen.

Gameplay Details

#iHunt uses the Fate system, which encourages players to engage with the fiction and work together with the whole table to tell a fun and compelling story. Characters and abilities tie into the narrative very directly, and Fate uses a ‘fiction first’ style that asks you to describe what you want to do, then let the mechanics determine how to do it. While some Hunters may be the scions of the idle rich, taking hunts for the thrill, most are the less well off, the victims of late stage capitalism, millenials, nineties kids, who have turned to monster hunting because of insurmountable student loan debt, child support, out of control medical bills (hunting is dangerous0 or all of the above. There is mystery solving, creative thinking and plenty of combat—though that’s going to go either really well, or turn bad in a hurry. The game does a great job teaching the basics of Fate, and I tailor my games to teach beginners as well as challenging veterans. Safety tools are baked directly into the rules as well, so even though the topics can get mature and graphic, everyone will be able to be safe and have a good time.

How Will Character Creation Work

Like most Fate games, #iHunt works best when characters are created together, so we’ll have a session zero to do that, as well as work out things like safety concerns and how to use some safety tools. Having an idea for a character before session zero is, of course, absolutely fine, just be flexible and ready to work with the group to make sure everyone can work together. I’m happy to teach any systems that players aren’t comfortable with, and getting used to the Roll20 VTT as necessary.

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