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About me

Hi, you can call me Eli and I love RPGs. My childhood was rich with memories of systemless roleplaying games, just me and my friends creating stories in the woods between our parents' homes. The first system I played was Dnd 3e, when I was around 10 years old, so you would be underselling it to say that TTRPGs is my favorite hobby. Before 3.5e was released I had already explored roleplaying games beyond the d20, and so my focus has always been the connection between players and the tales we tell without limiting ourselves to one set of dice. I have been a dungeon master almost as early as my first games, giving me over two decades of experience across a diverse set of rulebooks. My favorite games to play are nWoD Mage, and GURPS 3e, because I think customizability in the context of a specific universe is important to framing a one-shot or a campaign.

GM style

I openly frame my games around what the players want. This is usually a session zero if we will meet up multiple times, otherwise about 30 minutes at the start of or before a session. Alternatively, I can jump right in to either an established campaign from an official module, a one-shot concept (such as one for new players only, a specific holiday, or celebration), or even a single-line prompt can be used to generate something as brief as a one-shot or to expand into a campaign. I love all pillars of roleplay, but admit I am an explorer first then a roleplayer second.

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