Dungeons & Dragons 5e | D&D 5ed set in the Forgotten Realms

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This campaign is for new or seasoned players and will take you on a journey of light roleplaying & mystery as players discover unsolved events of the past that may overwhelm the Sword coast. ...

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How to prepare

Players who are interested should first contact the GM If you're creating you're own PC use a 4d6 rolled 7 times dropping the lowest dice & place totals as needed for the chosen class. Some type of back story that is inline with the personality as well as artwork that best represents the character.

What I provide

I provide miniatures, tarain, a musical ambience at times, maps, pre genarated caracter if one chooses & lots of fun.

What else should you know

Game time will be determined by the group and will be during the weekends Fri, Sat or Sun work best for the GM l understand that work may interfere with a few sessions so players have a opinion to allow the GM to run you're PC or another player you're PC will not set idle. Furthermore I don't use experience points for killing monsters or finding treasure you level up by completing a mission objective.

Gameplay Details

This campaign is 10+ years in the making, be prepared for exploring, slaying foes, puzzles salving , riddles, light roleplaying & fun

How Will Character Creation Work

Players can choose a prepared range of characters or submit one that fits into the campaign, player's should keep in mind the realms is dominated mostly by humans or half elfs, most dwarfs, elf's & halflings are rare. Non evil alignment

Players can expect







Experience Level

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