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Humans are helpless. Their teeth have no sharpness, they have no claws, and can't even see most of the things in the darkness that would do them harm. It's fortunate that they have us to look out for them. We cats can se...

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How to prepare

If you want to read up on Fate, Fate Core is 'pay what you want' on Drive Thru RPG, but this is by no means required. If anything, get into the mindset of a cat, be curious, and remember it's *your* house, your Burdens just live there, and provide you with food on demand.

What I provide

I'll provide links to the Roll20 game & Discord, and we'll have a fantastic time!

What else should you know

Be Nice. This isn't a table that tolerates players who are rude, abusive or discriminatory. We welcome players of all gender, ethnicity, age & orientation.

Gameplay Details

The Cats of Silver Falls (that's the Players) will explore, solve mysteries, and maybe fight bad guys. Combat is certainly possible, but there's no limit to how creative cats can be solving problems. The game will be played on the Roll20 VTT, using Discord or Zoom for audio/video. Fate lends itself to cinematic narrative story telling, so there isn't much of a limit to what a player can attempt. Exploration & investigation will be key-curiosity is a trait cats are known for--and once the threat is revealed direct action will certainly solve the problem. If a player can describe what they want to do, I can translate that into Fate mechanics and we can see where the story goes from there. This includes things like magical effects: cats don't have spell books, so we just describe what the effect should be, then figure out how to model that mechanically.

How Will Character Creation Work

I'll have some templates put together for players to customize, or we can create a character from scratch! There will be a little bit of 'orientation' in the first couple sessions to get everyone familiar with their characters & how the rules work.

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