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Atomic Robo is set in our world, except most of the conspiracy theories—particularly the mad science-y ones—are true. Objects can be manipulated with the Odic Field. There is an organization called Majestic 12 (it’s been...

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How to prepare

Hardware wise, players will need a microphone & webcam to communicate, as well as accounts with Roll20 and Discord. Players who would like to know more about the world of Atomic Robo should check out (Comics before the latest issue are in the archives.) Players wanting to know more about Fate should check out, or go to where they can pick up Fate Core (or Fate Condensed) on a Pay What You Want basis.

What I provide

I'll set up the Roll20 VTT to be as immersive as possible: Easy to use character sheets, handouts, ambient sound & music, etc. Robo makes theater of the mind easy, but when it's going to be useful there will be maps.

What else should you know

Check out the Atomic Robo web comic at, because it's very good. Fate is a very collaborative system, so come prepared to have fun, lift others up, share the spotlight, and be safe and considerate.

Gameplay Details

Atomic Robo uses the Fate system, which has a focus on telling a fun, compelling story as a group. Players can & will have influence over how the story unfolds. Characters have skills (the main way they interact with the world), stunts (special things they can do under specific circumstances) and Aspects. An Aspect is something about the character that is important to the story. When an Aspect would make things interesting/difficult for the character, they receive Fate Points, which can be used to enhance rolls, power big Stunts, or directly affect the world. Scenarios usually revolves around preventing disasters, mitigating them, discovering the cause and solving it. Exploring the far corners of the world, uncovering secret history, and picking apart multi-dimensional puzzles is part of the daily grind for Tesladyne employees. Combat happens, and it’s useful to be able to defend your team from reanimated Nazi automatons & horse-sized tardigrades. No previous experience is necessary to play. Fate is an easy game to pick up & I’m happy to teach.

How Will Character Creation Work

Atomic Robo characters are best built together, so there are built-in connections to the other characters in the game. To that end, we’ll have a Session Zero, to bring concepts to the table, fill out character sheets and go over some safety tools & ground rules. If a player has ideas for their character before Session Zero, that’s perfectly fine; be aware though that interacting with the group may tweak those ideas somewhat.

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