StartPlaying’s tabletop RPG news of the week travels the realms to bring you the biggest happenings in the community. This week brings a range of tidings, from more dour Hasbro business to exciting new ways to interact with the hobby. But don't worry, because the Hasbro CEO insists that everything is totally fine. Just like in Ba Sing Se...

So without further ado, let’s see what’s going on. 

Kobold Press Releases First Project Black Flag Playtest

Kobold Press is keeping the Black Flag momentum going with the first playtest preview. The packet opens with an explanation of Core Fantasy, the system Black Flag will use in addition to being 5E compatible. Beyond that is a breakdown of the basics of building a character with dice or point buy, concepts 5E players will be very familiar with. In fact, some early reception is disappointment with the lack of difference. Others appreciate that “race” is turned into Lineage and Heritage in Black Flag, with more customizable options based on a character’s upbringing. 

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WotC Allegedly Laid Off Entire Latin America Staff

The recently-reported 1,000 layoffs at Wizards of the Coast seem to be hitting the LATAM community hard. According to former D&D and Magic: The Gathering Brazilian Community Manager Carolina Moraes, the entire LATAM team was laid off. What this means for the future of Spanish and Portuguese translations of D&D and Magic is unknown as we have yet to see a statement from WotC on this move. 

Hasbro Projects Confidence In The Face Of OGL During Earnings Call

Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks referred to last month’s campaign of D&D Beyond cancellations as “relatively minor” in terms of profit setback during a Thursday morning earnings call. Earnings calls exist so investors can hear from those in charge directly, so it makes sense that Cocks would try to glaze over the OGL turmoil by calling it a “misfire” or “challenge.” When he did bring up the OGL fallout, it was mostly to assure investors that things are already back on track. 

Indeed, as Linda Codega’s recap of the call shows, D&D is still growing strong. Cocks called attention to D&D Beyond’s 20% user growth as well as all the upcoming movies, games, and shows based on the brand. Magic: The Gathering, meanwhile, was officially confirmed to be Hasbro’s first billion-dollar property. When solely focusing on the money, as investors tend to do, the takeaway seems to be that last month’s passionate protest did little to deter the suits from seeing D&D as its next cash cow. 

New Pathfinder Comics Come With Usable Game Content

Paizo announced a new collaboration with Dynamite Entertainment for a Pathfinder comic book series. The Wake the Dead storyline will bring new party members into an action-packed story by Fred Van Lente. Each issue will contain content for use in Pathfinder 2E such as stat blocks, character options, and other material that is usable in Pathfinder Society. Issue #1 of Wake the Dead will hit shelves in May. 

And that wraps up another week of news! As always, you can join us on StartPlaying Games to find a new campaign and maybe even new friends! Maybe try a new Pathfinder game with an amazing Game Master. 

Feb 17, 2023
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