The future of, well, everything might be uncertain but we’re back with another round of tabletop RPG news! This week sees the digital future of media raise questions about how much longer we can keep doing the things we do. But if there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s brand recognition! So let’s hop in and see where the week took us. 

Wizards Of The Coast Might Give Homebrew Sales The Axe

According to a supposed WotC leak disclosed by YouTuber Indestructoboy, One D&D might not come with an Open Game License. This OGL is the agreement by which third-party publishers can legally put out content for 5th Edition. It is why we see everything from delightful parody homebrew subclasses on Twitter to full-on campaign books Kickstarted by popular personalities. 

Yet the rumor alleges that WotC will not include an OGL for One D&D, essentially making third-party content illegal. Creators could still put out 5th Edition content, which is supposed to be compatible with One D&D, but would be banned from publishing even free homebrew using One D&D rules. 

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The Walking Dead TTRPG Rises 

Another TTRPG based on a media franchise is shambling to your shelf in 2023. The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game was announced for a Spring Kickstarter, with a core rulebook and starter set on the docket as well as a few accessories. Free League will handle the development duties, which is great as its Year Zero engine seems well suited to the Walking Dead world. A liveplay series with “original events pulled from the (TV) series’ writers’ room” produced by AMC Networks will accompany the game’s launch. 

Dragonlance Books Are In The Wild, And So Are Previews

Influencers and content creators have been receiving their copies of Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen over the past week. This means quick previews and in-depth reviews are pouring in. One such creator, FryMinis, shared the table of contents to give an overview of what’s in the book. He also has a series of videos on his YouTube channel that delve into the new character options and content of the adventure. 

Going From Twitter To Mastodon Ain’t Great, Says This Sly RPG

Visit Twitter for even five seconds these days and you get the sense that the end is near. Recent events have many users ready to jump ship, with Mastodon presenting itself as a popular social media alternative. For many, however, the prospect of rebuilding their following and getting used to a whole new routine just plain sucks. This is especially true for those who rely on Twitter for their jobs. 

TTRPG creator Oliver Darkshire boldly proclaims “I Do Not Want A Mastodon” in a new one-page RPG. The game has players suddenly inheriting an actual mastodon, an experience that quickly devolves into stress, confusion, and frustration as the mastodon is very random and doesn’t listen to reason. Through dice rolls, players are subject to whatever whims the mastodon has each day. The legends who win are the few who can decipher exactly what the mastodon is even saying.

That's all we've got this week! As always, check out StartPlaying Games to get your weekly TTRPG goodness!

Nov 18, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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