Friday is here and I hope it finds you well! It’s certainly an exciting time to be a tabletop RPG player, as the hobby is about to get a big expansion and lots of new players. Many will of course come to Dungeons & Dragons due to the strong word-of-mouth from the new movie. But that doesn’t mean there’s room for only one dragon in this lair. While D&D is on track for bigger mainstream success, that just opens the door for other creative projects to find their audience. 

See D&D Movie For Free By Winning Roll20 Giveaway

Roll20 is getting in on the hype for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves with a new giveaway contest. Those interested must make a D&D character sheet of a custom character, then share it with Roll20’s Twitter account along with an actor that could play said character. Winners will receive a $25 Regal Movies gift card that can be used to buy a ticket to the movie. The contest lasts until March 30, with winners selected on March 31. 

D&D Beyond Drops Direct News And Response To Creator Summit Controversy

Wizards of the Coast continues its efforts to communicate with fans via its community blog on D&D Beyond. The latest post brought two big updates: A new D&D Direct is coming next week and there’s an official explanation of the Creator Summit. 

The D&D Direct will stream on March 28 at 9 a.m. PST. The 30-minute presentation will spotlight tie-ins to Honor Among Thieves and a first look at the official D&D VTT. Surprises were also teased, presumably including a preview of upcoming hardcovers.

The blog also dedicated a good deal of space to the upcoming Creator Summit. The event will see content creators invited personally by WotC give feedback and learn about the future of D&D. The event drew fire from social media users over who was invited and what it meant in the wake of recent negative feelings towards WotC. The post reaffirms that feedback is the goal and that creators from all disciplines were invited to achieve quality feedback. Future events are planned with the intent to lengthen the guest list once a viable format is established. 

Try A New TTRPG Game Today!

New Monster Manual Based On Real-World Extinct Creatures Hits Kickstarter

via Kickstarter

The Book of Extinction takes a different approach to the third-party 5E monster collection: it’s based on extinct animals from our Earth. As Dicebreaker explains, the supplement uses animals that were driven to extinction due to human interference. The normal versions of these creatures are included alongside more magical variants to both demonstrate the science and make it fun. The goal is to use entertainment to educate, with proceeds from the book’s Kickstarter going towards the Center for Biological Diversity.

Learn To Play D&D And Pathfinder 

via Paizo

Between Roll20, Amazon, GaryCon, and so many others, early screenings of the D&D movie are all over the place. The buildup is real and, if reviews are any indication, the movie will be a hit. So you or someone you know will probably be looking to get into a game. Well, you’re in luck! StartPlaying Games is running a Learn to Play D&D Event! Join a beginner-friendly one-shot or start a brand-new campaign with our professional Dungeon Masters. If you’re looking to try something different, we also have Pathfinder Play Weekend starting today! 

That’s all for this week! Don’t be a jerk and spoil Honor Among Thieves if you see an early screening!

Mar 24, 2023
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