This week of tabletop RPG news ends with a special event: Free RPG Day! If you get to your local game store earlier in the day, you’ll have your choice of free one shots, maps, and maybe even terrain pieces for your table. As to when it’s happening, and what else is going on in the world of TTRPGs, read on! 

And as always, if you’re looking for a group or GM to play your TTRPG dream campaign, give our StartPlaying Games GMs a look! 

Free RPG Day Is Tomorrow! 

Game stores in North America will be celebrating Free RPG Day on June 25 by setting out a selection of free items from both indie and well-known publishers. Due to shipping issues, the international event has been pushed back to July 23. Among the items up for grabs will be Starfinder and Pathfinder one-shots from Paizo, Mad Max-style dice from Q Workshop, an indie RPG anthology from 9th Level Games.

You can find a list of stores that are participating, and sneak a peek at all the free items, on the Free RPG Day site. 

Critical Role Releases One-Page RPG Starring Pets

Imagine what happens when the heroes of a realm aren’t available and the success of the quest rests in the hands of a plucky group of familiars. That’s the idea behind A Familiar Problem, the new one-page RPG where players take on the role of animal companions that will save the day in their own chaotic way. The game comes from Critical Role’s Darrington Press label, and will be offered as a physical item at this year’s Free RPG Day. A digital release is also planned, but no details have been given yet. 

To see the game in action, you can watch Critical Role’s latest one-shot episode: A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle’s Incredible Journey.

Marvel Multiverse Shows Off Sabertooth Stat Block

Those looking for some Marvel action at their table have probably been following the upcoming Marvel Multiverse RPG. The game is set to have a crunchy ruleset that utilizes the number “616” for its best rolls. The playtest is already out in the wild (and is playable at SPG!) and stats for several popular heroes like Spider-Man have been previewed. This week saw the release of X-Men villain Sabertooth’s stats, with an interesting note that confirms he is more powerful than Wolverine in this game. See the stat block here. 

Shadowrun Is Coming To Roll20

Beloved science fantasy TTRPG Shadowrun is finally making its way to Roll20’s virtual tabletop this year. The Quickstart rules will be playable for free on the platform soon, with the full Sixth World core rulebook and companion set to launch later this year. You can sign up to be notified when the Quickstart is available and get a pre-order discount if you give Roll20 your email address.

And that's a quick look at the news in the TTRPG space! Have fun on Free RPG Day, and good luck snagging your preferred swag!

Jun 24, 2022
Tabletop Gaming News

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