StartPlaying and Military and Veteran Gamers (MVG) are teaming up for a charity gaming event this Memorial Day weekend! Game Masters will be running special games where the proceeds are donated to MVG. It’s another in our series of successful charity events, such as the Spread AAPI Love fundraiser also happening this month. Only this time, players and GMs can win a unique prize! 

Throughout the month of May, StartPlaying GMs can opt-in to run sessions where 100% of the proceeds go towards MVG’s veteran initiatives. As for players, just look for game listings that have the "MVG" tag on their thumbnail. Or you can go to the Memorial May event page to find all the charity game listings in one place.  

As an even bigger incentive to run and play games for Memorial May, MVG is giving away a custom Dungeons & Dragons Vecna-themed gaming PC. This machine, valued at $5,000, can be yours simply by participating in an event game. Just register your session with MVG and find other ways to enter here! 

Memorial May can be a great way to find a new DnD group, meet a new favorite GM, or try a new game entirely. Come play a game and support a great cause while having fun! 

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, MVG is dedicated to supporting veterans and active service members globally who face mental and physical challenges related to their military service. Their motto, "Healing through Gaming," underscores their commitment to using gaming as a therapeutic tool. This approach has been validated by extensive research, showing that gaming in a supportive environment can significantly alleviate depression, social anxiety, and PTSD, while also lowering suicide risks. 

MVG operates with a 100% volunteer staff, ensuring that 97% of all donations directly fund impactful programs. Funds gathered from this particular event will be put towards technology deliverables to Veterans in need as well as the general donation fund. 

May 25, 2024