We’re back for another edition of StartPlaying’s tabletop news roundup! It’s been a weird one this week. I feel like I say that a lot, but this week’s stories really run the gamut. News about big releases is scarce as most companies are probably planning their holiday schedule. This leaves reporters around the space to dig deep and find the strange, the curious, and the downright expensive. So let’s start with a curious look at the history of rage quitting. 

Byzantine Emperor Could Be First To Rage Over Bad Dice Rolls

via: Bell of Lost Souls

Over on Bell of Lost Souls, they’re doing a deep dive into the history of ancient board games. Their latest edition is on backgammon. Writings indicate that the game reaches at least as far back as Byzantine Emperor Flavius Zeno, who might be the first person to record their rage over a streak of bad dice rolls. In 480 AD Zeno threw three rolls that were so awful they forced him to open the board up to immediate capture, costing him the game. This account was preserved by a Greek historian and still remains relevant to historians as the first recorded instance of a bad beat.  

Take Home A Red Dragon Wyrmling For A Few Hundred Dollars

via: WizKids

WizKids is the premiere maker of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. If you play 5E in person regularly, you or a friend has probably brought out WizKids minis for the big battles. They also have premium collectibles, such as the 50th anniversary Red Dragon Wyrmling statue. Yes, you can celebrate D&D’s big birthday with your own two-and-a-half foot tall baby dragon. The detail is impressive, which could justify the $649.99 price tag. It would certainly make a great door guardian if you’ve got the space.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Arrives On Mac September 21 

The headline mostly says it all here, but Larian Studios has already announced its next big patch for Baldur’s Gate 3. The game is a huge hit and has proven to have staying power thanks to both memes and Larian’s commitment to answering player feedback. Two previous updates have addressed several bugs as well as unsatisfying character endings. Patch 3 is already on the way, says the developer, set for September 21. While details on what the patch will cover weren’t given, one major thing was announced: Baldur’s Gate 3 will have Mac support with Patch 3. 


And that brings this week’s edition to a close. It’s a brief one, but there’s definitely room to dig deeper. The article on backgammon’s full history is a fascinating read and definitely worth it beyond the rage bit. WizKids has more pictures of the dragon wyrmling statue on its site that paint a better picture of what one gets for the cost. And Mac owners… prepare to have your life taken over. But until that time, tune in next week for more TTRPG news! 

Sep 14, 2023
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