The TTRPG multiverse is an infinitely varied collection of meaningful stories, wacky characters, and unforgettable experiences. We here at StartPlaying embrace this and strive to create a safe space for all players and GMs. We celebrate the different backgrounds and identities of our community because these things are what make each and every GM a truly unique storyteller. So as Hispanic Heritage Month begins, we'd like to shine a spotlight on these eight Hispanic and Latinx Game Masters.

Dev Alva

If you seek that hardcore high-level Dungeons & Dragons combat, then look no further than Dev Alva's profile. Dev runs quite a few level 10+ adventures that range from Fey court intrigue to dragon battles in space. They're even game to run the coveted level 20 one-shot (that surprisingly isn't themed around Vecna). And the reviews attest to their DM skill–Dev is said to run epic combats that strike the sweet spot between heroic and nail-biting.

Sergio SolĂłrzano

Sergio joined StartPlaying right after his stint on the official Wizards of the Coast DM Challenge. He was the final competitor from the USA, and ran a game for several top D&D personalities. Sergio became known for his wacky Feywild setting of Potassio, where luchador bananas and overly large fruit bats collide in a colorful rainforest. Now Sergio brings that signature silliness to his professional games, where longtime players commend his exciting pacing and remarkable creativity in working with player choice.

Panopticon Creative

We love a GM that can run multiple systems, and Panopticon delivers. While he specializes in horror games, Panopticon can run D&D 3.5E, 5E, Chronicles of Darkness, Mutants and Masterminds, City of Mist, and even Tiny Tina's Bunkers & Badasses. He welcomes beginners to any of these systems by focusing on story and letting players have the freedom to make fun choices.

NĂşria Sanz

NĂşria excels at setting the scene for her games, as her players will attest. As a multilingual person who has been telling stories since childhood, she has a way with words that brings players into the setting and gets them invested in NPCs. She also understands the crucial GM practice of not being against the players, which gives her tables a welcoming atmosphere that makes people want to come back for more.


Victor, also known as Cucub, is the prime example of bringing your outside work into your DMing. He uses his knowledge as a Moral Philosophy Instructor to infuse his games with tough moral choices. Victor weaves these choices into his wonderful worldbuilding to create memorable NPCs and storylines that feel complete even within the confines of a one-shot. He also creates material based on Latin American legends like La Llorna or the Chupacabra. Victor is also a big advocate of inclusivity, stating that all his games are LGBT+, BIPOC, and neuro-atypical inclusive.

Rob Perez (RPG Mastery) 

Those looking to experiment with third party material should book a seat at Rob's table. This official Kobold Press GM makes frequent use of the publisher's material, giving players access to new spells and techniques they won't find in just any average 5E game. Rob also runs Call of Cthulhu, with emphasis on roleplay and meaningful choices for the player characters. If you're in it for the deep roleplay, Rob is your guy.

DeAngelo Murillo

"If you are looking for cosmic horror with a dash of dad jokes then you've come to the right place!" So says the intro on DeAngelo's StartPlaying profile, and it sounds like a great combination in the era of Stranger Things. Vampire The Masquerade is of course a staple of the genre, and DeAngelo is known to run a Phoenix-based VTM game with great pacing that's newbie-friendly. He also runs a Hunter the Reckoning game where the villain is demonic TikTokers! Spooky AND relatable! 


Ever since the success of Critical Role, GMs who are also skilled voice actors are in high demand. Branden here is one of the talented few who can call himself a union V.O. actor and professional DM. As UnmercifulMaps, Branden creates an all-ages experience where players are wowed by his NPC voices and lighthearted fun. If you're looking to book a GM for your next party, don't let the "unmerciful" part of his name fool you and give Branden a shot.


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Sep 16, 2022

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