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Hello, my game master name is Cucub, but you can also just call me Victor (he/him)! I am a Moral Philosophy Instructor and Philosophy Ph.D. student in California. Paid GMing is my "side gig" and I thoroughly enjoy infusing my games with difficult but meaningful moral choices that allow the players to affect the setting. I have played 5th edition since 2014 and GMed multiple campaigns and 1-shots since then. Some of my favorite games to run are Curse of Strahd, Lost Mine of Phandelver, Tomb of Annihilation, Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus. I am always willing to try new games modules, however, and I also have my homebrewed world named La Gripa that is heavily inspired by Latin American history. Lastly, inclusivity is very important to me. All games are BIPOC, LGBT+, and neuro-divergent inclusive. I hope to see you in one of my games! Cheers! - Cucub You can find my roll20 marketplace page here:

GM style

My personal philosophy on GMing - I am here to provide the players FREEDOM. Freedom is not necessarily the ability to commit crimes without consequence, but to be able to have the agency to make meaningful choices in the story that affects the setting. These choices reflect the player's values, interests, and character. It is these choices that I seek to provide, and what GMing is all about. In terms of a single session, on average, expect 50% RP, 25% Combat, 25% Exploration. I do find however, that these 3 often bleed into each other (e.g. roleplaying and smack-talking during combat is great!).

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