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DnD IS THE GREATEST ROLE-PLAYING GAME OF ALL TIME!!! Hey guys! I'm Branden (or UnmercifulMaps). About Me: I'm a union actor/V.O. actor/Opera and Musical Theatre singer, fantasy cartographer, and terrain builder. I work at Crunchyroll and you may know me from my roles in One Piece, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, Vinland Saga: S2, I Got A Cheat Skill in Another World, Iceblade Sorcerer, Shinobi No Ittoki, etc. I've been a professional actor for over 13 years, and I've been DMing for ~12 years now (started with 4th edition). For a couple of years, I even ran the big dnd tables at Comic-Con/Fan Expo in Dallas, Texas! I started playing dnd in college. One day, a theatre friend was talking about one of their adventures in the green room, and I said, "Holy shit. That sounds awesome and super complicated! Where do I sign up?" He got me into one of his 4th edition games, and while it was hard to wrap my brain around, I couldn't help but be instantly attached, and I knew if I had enough patience, I could get enough experience to be confident and make my own game. So after college, we unfortunately went our separate ways, and I had to basically become my own DM if I wanted to continue playing dnd. From that moment, I've "inducted" so many ppl into the dnd world that had no idea what it even was! It's a beautiful feeling. This is an absolute passion of mine. I bleed dice. I curse more than a Mummy. ;p Role-playing fantasy characters is a joy that all other things just can't compare to. This IS called the greatest role-playing game, after all! I create games with a fun and lighthearted feel that are well suited to players of any experience level and play style that are not only exciting but also very inclusive to all walks of sentient life. With me steering your ship of adventure, you can guarantee your time and money are well spent, and you won't have to wonder which NPC is talking to your character ever again. Let the backstories overflow, and may our enemy's blood - doubly so!

GM style

So I LOVE roleplay. It gets me out of bed every morning. Ive always said that Dnd is THE best improv class for actors. Character voices are a big thing for me as well. Being a voice actor, getting to employ all my dialects, ticks, and mannerisms in various NPCs is an absolute joy. I will be honest and say that monster voices aren't my forte, as I don't have the voice for it, and don't want to develop any nodes or anything. I love working with character's backstories and implementing them into my games. I interweave them into the story and connect it to the world in such a way that makes groggy lore (to the players lol) seem exciting to uncover! As far as types of games go, I love and can do a variety of different kinds - sandboxy, gritty, lighthearted, adventure/exploratory, heisty, murder mystery, traditional dungeon delve, sea campaign, etc. The only type that I'm not the best with is a super political campaign. Look, I know a lot of the rules and spells, but sometimes the Rule of Cool is "cool" for a reason, ya know? As a DM, I have to be the impartial storyteller. However, I am NOT one of those God-complex DMs who get off on power trips. I'm here to make you feel like an absolute badass. By no means is it going to be easy. I'm going to make it challenging so you feel your victories are EARNED, but I'm not here to outright kill you. I'm not here to bash PCs into oblivion and bathe in their tears. I'm here to relish in your glory, to create powerful memories for you to bask in for years to come. By no means am I perfect, but we will work together to make a damn good interactive story because that's what DnD is all about. HUZZAH! *(When doing private parties, will need to pay at least the equivalent of 5 ppl. Thanks for understanding!)

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